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Drumbeat for War on Iran

by Stephen Lendman,

Haaretz knows better. Still it misreports on Iran. On August 12, its editorial headlined “Netanyahu’s dangerous demagoguery on Iran” saying:

“Iranian nuclear weapons are a threat to Israel – but its leaders’ demagoguery is just as dangerous.”

Haaretz, Israeli officials, US and other Western ones know Iran has no nuclear weapons program. It likely has no intention of pursuing one. It abhors them and wants a nuclear-free Middle East.

Israel alone in the region is menacing. It has a powerful arsenal and declared intention to use it if threatened. Instead of pointing fingers the wrong way, Haaretz editorial policy should report responsibly.

Iran threatens no one. It hasn’t attacked another country in over 200 years. Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous. No one in the region and beyond is safe.

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2 comments to Drumbeat for War on Iran

  • Tony

    Iran has always been the endgame of the Money Power’s relentless drive to a New World Order.

    After twenty years of mounting threats by the US and Israel, an attack is on the horizon at best, imminent at worst.

    There is no doubt who is the aggressor here: Zionism and the West.
    Just imagine bombing nuclear facilities. A despicable war crime by all standards of international law. And, far more importantly, an utter atrocity by all human standards.

    Resist all ‘explanations’ for this war.
    Iran has not attacked any Nation for centuries. It could not, even if it wanted, as it is surrounded by the Four Great Empires: Russia, China, India, and the West. It is just happy to have remained independent in the face of such neighbors.
    Iran WAS attacked by a Western/Zionist inspired and financed attack by Saddam Hussein.
    Ahmadinejad did NOT say he wanted Israel destroyed.
    Iran’s women will NOT be empowered by bombing their homes and killing their fathers, husbands, sons and themselves.
    Iran’s Jews like living there so much they vociferously denounced Israel’s invitation, including a $30,000 cash bribe, to move to Zion.
    The Mullahs will NOT attack Israel, even if they obtain a nuclear bomb: Israel has hundreds of them and the ICBM’s to deliver them.
    Christians have all the freedom they need to worship God, as long as they don’t proselytize.
    The Mullah’s may be unpleasant, but the Iranians prefer them over us. That is their God Given Right.

    Both Israel and Iran will be destroyed in this war.
    The Money Power cares for neither.

  • Tony

    The Great Dr Lendmen & Norman Finklestein are waking up the world, even average Israeli’s are seeing through the lies!

    Hundreds of Israelis have demonstrated in Tel Aviv to protest against a possible military strike on Iran and demand the resignation of Israeli premier and minister for military affairs.

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