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DHS Says Veteran Lone Wolf Extremists Will Carry Out More Violent Attacks

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

Michael Chertoff, former director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have brought the influence of the Israel Defense Force to local police departments across America. By using Zionist training, local police are being mentally and physically shifted from being protectors of American law to purveyors of Zionist control-schemes.

While the suppressive, over-reaching Obama administration, under control of the global Elite, turns our Constitutional Republic in a Fascist Dictatorship, the police forces have been a clear reflection. Suddenly the use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, assault weapons, illegal surveillance is evidence of a Nazi-style computer interference systems are evidencing a dramatic shift in American societal structure.

The Marine Corp have created a law-enforcement battalion (ELB) consisting of specialized military police officers (SMP) that will be deployed to assist in investigating crimes dealing with drug trafficking, train security and terrorism.

The ELBs contain an estimated 500 SMPs and trained dogs. While capitalizing on their investigative and police training, they will take the role of current street cops while still remaining part of the Marine Corp.

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5 comments to DHS Says Veteran Lone Wolf Extremists Will Carry Out More Violent Attacks

  • Steve_D

    The reason they can say this with such certainty is because they will be the ones issuing the orders to these nut jobs.

  • Lone Wolf

    Just keep participating in the system. Your money (via profits and yaxes) is the enabler of everything they are doing to you.

  • Lone Wolf

    yaxes = taxes

  • Karma Respect

    Me thinks that Gun Control is on the NWO agenda. CONCENTRATION CAMP AMERICA is then ready to rock and roll for the 0.01% elite who are above their laws seeing as they write the laws it would be unexpected that they should be subject to them. GIVE US YOUR GUNS, we have YOUR MONEY and then we can then collapse the system.

  • jeff

    The “government” is your only enemy. They pull all the terror jobs to herd the sheep.

    Lone Wolf is right – participation in the system is what gives them their power.

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