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Content Industry War on Sharing Claims Another Victim

from Parker Higgins, Activist Post

LendInk, an innovative site dedicated to helping readers share their legally purchased ebooks with one another, has chosen to shut down in the face of legal intimidation.

Despite the fact that the site was apparently operating within the terms of service of the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook, its hosting company was targeted with “hundreds of threats,” including cease-and-desist letters.

The legal threats against service like LendInk are not about sales. Rather, they are just the latest efforts in a wrongheaded campaign to crush any segment of the content distribution chain that lies outside of the rightsholders’ traditional direct control. The same mindset drove Warner Brothers to sue Redbox, the kiosk-based DVD rental operation, even though it was perfectly legal under the first sale doctrine. It’s led Capitol Records to sue an emerging marketplace for “second-hand” digital music, even though used music sales have existed for decades. It’s even behind the Association of American Publishers’ stubborn opposition to a treaty that could end the “famine” of accessible books that devastates the visually impaired community.

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