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CNBC Poll: 69% of Americans Support the Gold Standard

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

Do I really think that any mainstream politician would ever actually move us toward the gold standard? Not a chance. It doesn’t matter. As I mentioned the other day, the mere fact that Romney was forced to consider creating a commission to examine the return to gold tells us all we need to know. The populace is becoming increasingly informed of the total scam that the current monetary system is and they are looking for answers. My personal belief is that a gold standard isn’t ideal either. I think we need to move away from centralized control of money completely. There is absolutely no reason why a small group of men should have the monopoly power to create money and distribute it with the defense of an army. That is feudalism. Monetary “evolution” in my mind is directly related to a movement toward human beings and businesses using whatever currency they want. It can be gold, it can be silver, it can be bitcoins, or it can be something else. That is not for me to decide. It is for the market to choose. That is freedom.

My guess is that when the current system dies, gold and silver will soar to unimaginable heights in government issued fiat currencies terms, and out of the ashes countless competing currencies will arise. This will be a good thing. Out of chaos let’s get our freedom back and never allow the criminal elite to use the chaos for dictatorship. The choice is ours so we need to start working on these concepts now and moving more toward alternative currencies sooner rather than later.

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