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CFTC…at least they are on the record, AGAIN!

by Bill Holter,

After nearly 4 years of “intensive” investigation into the Silver market, the CFTC is apparently going to announce that they have found no evidence where they can prosecute a legal case. Well…what did you expect? Silver and Gold are THE 2 most important markets to keep “under wraps” if you are running a fiat Ponzi scheme. Would the “Ponzi” and thus the “worthlessness” of the paper money not be exposed for everyone to see if Silver was trading at $500 or $1,000 per ounce? Did anyone expect the CFTC to actually come out and say “OK folks, we caught ‘em! JP Morgan and HSBC have been manipulating the Gold and Silver prices for years at the behest of the Fed and U.S. Treasury. Now, we will correct the problem, Gold and Silver will levitate to true market levels and we will have truly free markets”?

Is this even possible given the ramifications to other markets? Is this even possible given what would happen to “the players”, not to mention the economy and the system itself? Think this through; we know that interest rates are being held artificially low by the Fed (which helps the Treasury pay debt service on a $16 Trillion debt), what exactly would the housing market look like if interest rates for 30 year mortgages was 7%? How about 10%? Exactly how many cars would Detroit sell if the average car loan was 10%? What would happen to bank, broker and insurance company balance sheets if interest rates rose to 7%? Can you imagine the losses on their bond portfolios and pension plans? None of “this” (higher interest rates) can be allowed to happen under any circumstance. Silver and Gold as an “alternative” investment/currency just cannot be allowed to forecast either inflation or higher interest rates, I get it. Really I do, but…

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