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Catherine Austin Fitts – $2500 Gold Means War


Catherine Austin Fitts is in a unique position to understand the machinations and inner workings of the matrix that controls our world. Her extensive experience in Washington and on Wall Street gives her a unique perspective. She’s quite concerned about the loss of freedoms we’re all suffering and the elite’s ruthlessness to keep and maintain power. She believes that freedom seekers need to hit a critical mass of fiver percent of the population or more, for real change to occur. She thinks that you need to tune out the mainstream media to end their influence over you. And she believes that genetically modified food is their effort to lower the world’s population. Some of her views are extremely controversial, but no one can argue with her experience or depth of knowledge. Listening to this interview will be time well spent.


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4 comments to Catherine Austin Fitts – $2500 Gold Means War

  • john

    A little discouraging that the cartel will always control the price of Gold. I’ve been stacking and get discouraged with this crap.. Can this goddam system collapse for the betterment of society…. The majority of people are brainwashed idiots… I’ve had my rant…

  • Tony

    I like Fitts but she says there is only a 5% chance of collapse?????

  • john

    John,I am just as sick of all these guys,spouting $5000,$10000oz,gold and $500-800oz silver.Then saying the cartel are nearly out of ammo.They don’t actually need any ammo,as long as everyone believes they do.As far as I can see,Catherine is right,they have controlled the prices for years,what’s to stop them now or in the future?

  • Randa

    Catherine has been saying for several years that a financial collapse is not on the cards. I’ve heard her say that there are so many layers of protection from collapse (if you can call it that) that it will not happen any time in the near future. Weird. But remember how devious the Feds are.

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