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Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Claime He Has Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen

from BirtherReportDotCom :

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6 comments to Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Claime He Has Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen

  • GoodOleBoy

    None of this will mean jack squat unless we can get it seriously reported in the lame stream press. I could have genuine pictures of Obummer in a KKK outfit burning a cross and never get it in the news. I dont know what we can do about this but we have to keep pressing the issue. The people that I talk to that dont believe its so because they 1: they believe that there would be safeguards preventing a non US citizen from becoming president 2:if it was true that the story would be so big it would be covered by all the major networks, or at least Fox.

    All I can say it that if someone wants to be the leader of this country, we have every right to peer into his past to see the content of his character. I would send him and email and ask if I didnt think I would get flagged and black bagged.

  • reflector

    must be a slow news day, to dredge up more of this birther nonsense.

    there are very real issues, huge problems, facing society.
    we should focus on the real problems and not be distracted by foolishness.

    whether that one guy who claims to be president was born on this side of the imaginary line in the dirt, or THAT side, is not one of those big issues.

    • Pete

      Actually, it is a big issue from the perspective that it forces the acknowledgement that a) the media has been lying all along to cover his hindparts,
      b) the Constitution is in fact no longer of any significance in this nation,
      c) we have been handed a carefully crafted and managed Manchurian candidate,
      d) the US is not controlled by forces within, or solely contained within her borders,

      And, maybe, (this is like, the longshot of the millennium)this thing gets legs and people actually begin to wake up. IF they do, then the house cleaning will only start at the Oval Office.

      Minimally, if we keep beating the drums, it adds distraction to their plans and ability to carry out this tyrannical scenario unfolding. Then maybe someone else can prepare for the coming disaster.

  • Julie

    Yeah, what Pete said… It matters because if he IS an Indonesian citizen, then he NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN allowed to run for Prez. If that’s true, then what he has done since in office SHOULD be revoked because he’s an illegal President!!! All those executive orders, Obamacare, etc.

    And SOMEONE knew. LOTS of people knew. Every single one of them is responsible for such an outrageous fraud they should be buried under the jail!

    Now, whether any of that has a snowball’s chance of happening is a different story… And I personally don’t have the proof, I’m not an investigator, and I can’t do squat about it. So should I waste my time posting my opinion about it…??? Meh, gotta go.

  • Glitter1

    Whether people know/care or not, This modern America we live in is in fact the Babylonian Beast as spoken in Revalations.Re 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?The point being,Our elected dictators don’t even bother with the Congress anymore, they sign executive orders there bye over-riding the Congress(Voice of The People). They have the full force of the Military, CIA,FBI,IRS,DHS et al running all manner of lying,false flags,subversion,illegal wars & coups,cover-ups, etc. “I have Seen The Enemy And It Is Us!”

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