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BOMBSHELL: Proof Sikh Narrative Is Fake; Secret Gov’t Motive To Demonize White Veterans Exposed

from PeterSantilliTV:

One day before Pete exposes the truth on the Alex Jones Show about REX-84, Homeland Security planning to commandeer/seize all resources necessary for continuity of government during a presidential declared emergency, Pete reveals all the details in what is considered the most important episode ever. To ensure that the information gets out to the American people, tonight Pete covers the main concepts he will discuss on the Alex Jones Show with his relatively small group of listeners.

In the first hour, Pete describes the narrative of the alleged Sikh shooter developed by the main stream media as being staged and he calls it a “rookie mistake” by their demonizing white, military veteran, racist, gun-toting, 9-11 truthers as the enemy of our society. Pete essentially quashes their attempts to conceal the facts communicated by eyewitnesses who observed 4 men in black clothing commit a well organized attack.

In the second hour, Pete reveals the factual truth that the U.S. Gov’t has used public opinion, Congress, as well as executive orders signed by the President to legally allow the United Nations complete authority over the military, commerce, population, and government in the event of conflict or unrest in the United States. Pete has publicly admitted he was involved in developing contingency plans for moving US nukes, chemical weapons, bio weapons, etc. from flight lines to underground storage facilities (D.U.M.B.’s – Deep underground military bases). WE “RE-PETE”: ALL OF THE PLANNING IS COMPLETE, LOGISTICAL IMPLEMENTATION IS IN FULL-SWING, AND THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK IS IN PLACE FOR THE USA TO GIVE THE UNITED NATIONS FULL CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATES. The Constitution will not matter. Martial law is merely a stepping stone for full-blown surrender of our sovereignty under the premise that the USA is a global economic security risk.

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2 comments to BOMBSHELL: Proof Sikh Narrative Is Fake; Secret Gov’t Motive To Demonize White Veterans Exposed

  • Frank Zak

    Some Sikh History. Sikhs are not Muslims, nor Buddhists,
    nor are they non violent. In their past, they were
    usually photograped with swords. But, they do not eat meat.

    From “Guru Tegh Bahadur, A Biography”

    Balwant Singh Anand, 1979,
    Sterling, Delhi
    “It was accepted tradition of the Sikhs that each Guru had the exclusive authority and the final say in the nomination of his successor. This right could not be challenged by anyone. It was not a hereditary office; no son could claim gur-gaddi as a matter of right. Both the selection and nomination was made by the Guru; he could select his son or if it so pleased him, he could select anyone outside the family. The age of the successor was not considered of any consequence; the Guru could nominate an aged person, a young man or even a child. Each successive Guru of the Sikhs nominated his successor and once nominated, the new Guru was accepted by the followers as the Supreme religious leader and the final authority in all matters pertaining to every aspect of life.

    But this does not mean that there were no other claimants to the throne or that there were no bickerings, no amity feuds, no disgruntled persons. It is sad but true that the families of the Gurus were not above power-politics; there were rivalries, feuds, bitterness and jealousy as elsewhere. When Guru Nanak nominated Guru Angad as his successor, his two sons Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das were deeply disappointed. Guru Angad’s son Datu would not forgive his father for nominating Guru Amar Das and went to the extent of attacking the Guru. Bibi Bhani conspired to see that her husband (Guru) Ram Das was nominated by her father. When Guru Ram Das nominated his second son Arjun Dev as Guru, Prithi Chand became the bitterest enemy of the Guru and went to the extent of conspiring to kill his son, the future Guru Hargobind, by poison or snake bite.

    Having lost all hope of becoming the Guru, he was willing to stoop to the meanest trick to have his son Meharban ascend the throne. And when Guru Hargobind nominated his grandson Har Rai (the second son of Baba Gurditta) in preference to his elder brother Dhirmal, the latter continued to conspire and fight all his life against both Guru Harkrishan and Guru Tegh Bahadur.

    Moreover, when Guru Har Rai nominated his younger son, Harkrishan as the Guru in preference to his elder son Ram Rai, the latter was so infuriated that he approached Emperor Aurangzeb to dethrone his younger brother and to issue orders in his favour.

    In short each Guru had to face collateral rivalry and sometimes political interference. Moreover, each succeeding Guru had to cope with the legacy of domestic and political feuds inherited from his predecessor.”

    From Mike Williams website below

  • spore

    No WAY! I dont believe our military commanders would ever let that happen.

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