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BILL MURPHY of GATA: The Coming Gold Boom after the Storm

from visionvictory

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6 comments to BILL MURPHY of GATA: The Coming Gold Boom after the Storm

  • GoodOleBoy

    Good stuff. Bill’s information from his source is certainly validated in my mind. I think It might be time to throw JPMORGAN some shorts. I ll keep stacking silver but for those of you brave or dumb enough to play in the market, AGQ is a great triple leverage silver play. Just made me some money to add to my stack.

  • Izzy

    If this is going to take down these bad guys they’ll start a war first.

  • AJW

    I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in the Gold bugs lately with respect to Silver.

    Gold bugs, especially the older guys prevously talked about Silver like it was the unimportant bastard son of Gold. Now the Gold bugs are talking about Silver like it is more explosive than Gold.

    I think that the Libor scandal proved that all markets are rigged, and the massive conspiracy against Silver is most definitely true.

  • PitBull Pappa

    November will be a big money month for me so I hope silver doesn’t shoot up too far too fast too soon… I’d like to add as much as I can to my silver stash. This was a two fold win week for me… silver shot up $3.00 & I was able to get my mom to realize that fiat currency is worthless. I’ve got her seriously considering picking up some silver to hold long term since my parents live on a fixed income.

    Thanks for another great interview Dan… I enjoy your interviews and documentaries. I wish I had your investment knowledge, but I’ve learned so much in the past year from guys like you & Sean and I have soooo much gratitude for you guys. I still have a great deal more to learn about investing, but I like to think I’m advancing from novice to the intermediate phase. I’m on the fence about opening up a trading account to pick up some stocks in the mining & energy sectors. I just don’t have much knowledge in that area.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Kimo

    I am for one just excited about the whole upswing of this whole thing. This is truly an Historic Event. Those who have stacked for some years now and those who are stacking good for you. There are so many who have not a clue and they will get burned,

  • Glitter1

    Silver at $30oz today is the same as when Palladium was $30oz, now Palladium is $650oz. Triple digit Silver is a lock it’s just a waiting game.

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