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Beige Book release seems to indicate movement to more easing/ Implosion in trade figures for Japan/Spain’s Ibex drops 2.7%

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed slightly down to the tune of $2.50 to $1637.40. Silver on the other hand refused to listen to gold and advanced another 13 cents to $29.55. However after the comex close, the Fed released it’s beige book and the feeling is that the Fed will have to engage in official QEIII before long. Gold and silver shot up big time as did the Euro.

Here are the closing access gold and silver closings:

gold; $1654.10 (up now a full $15.50)
silver: $29.91 (up 58 cents from yesterday’s close)

Late last night, Japan released her trade figures and it was awful as this nation saw a rare trade deficit.
Japan’s trade with the EU crumbled 25% year over and year and that set the mood for European trading.
All bourses in Europe proceeded to head southbound. The Spanish Ibex finished the day down a huge 2.7%. We will be going over these and many other stories but first…..

Let us head over to the comex and see how trading at the comex fared today as well as movements of silver and gold.

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