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Bazooka Economics

by Stephen Lendman,

Did he or didn’t he? ECB president Mario Draghi promised “whatever it takes.” Great expectations arose. August 2 was D-Day.

Fizzle followed sizzle. Bazooka plans stalled. More on Draghi’s pronouncement below and what it means.

Europe’s economy is broken. Monetary intervention solved nothing. Core problems fester and grow. Contagion spreads everywhere. Effective solutions are absent.

Bankers are prioritized over sound economics. Western policy makers march to the same drummer. Ordinary people suffer. Poverty, unemployment, and deprivation grow exponentially. Nothing ahead looks promising.

On August 2, Draghi spoke. Markets want instant gratification. Disappointment followed. Der Spiegel headlined “ECB Disappoints Investors with No Euro Action,” saying:

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4 comments to Bazooka Economics

  • Tony

    Once again Dr Lendmen is on target, calling for the systematic economic last leg of the Bolshevik Zionist plan for world dominion, as have played out to near 100% accuracy in the Protocols of Zion.


  • Tony

    I went into a $1.00 Store today. It was owned by Muslims. At the cash register I said to the clerk, “I have done much research & the Mossad did 911” At first he looked at me with suspicion, but then he said, “Thank you for seeking the truth” He shook my hand & I felt good.

    • Mr Numbertaker

      Careful Tony – speaking the truth in public these days can get you arrested. Speaking the truth in public and with a Muslim – you know those great enemies of the west (sarc) – will get you arrested and vanished – or worse.

      As George Orwell famously said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

      After the Muslim North African nations, the Middle-East, Iran, and the Muslim nations of Central Asia and surrounding the Caspian are all ‘sown up’ by the scum who lead the west, another ‘bogeyman’ will be made up. What/who will it be next……your guess is as good as mine.

      Keep on fighting my friend (and be ready for big one lest we are given no further warning).

      • Tony

        Orwell was correct, 16 countries in Europe & Canada will get one arrested for questioning the truth. Just ask Ernst Zündel & many others. The Muslims are the new Germans.

        If I am to live as a coward what would my life be worth? Thanks for your Kind Words my Friend.

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