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As worlds collide: the seen and unseen

by Steve Quayle, via Homeland Security US:

How much more can be said about the events taking place in the U.S. and across the world today? What will it take for the majority of Americans to wake up, lose their normalcy bias and understand that we are nearing, or perhaps reached, the point of no return? Indeed, some people are waking up to the fact that there is something very wrong taking place right in front of us. A great divide is deepening within the U.S. and all across the globe. The drums of war are beating louder than at any time in recent history. Battle lines are being drawn in both the physical and spiritual world. Americans are not only at a crossroads, we are in the cross hairs. Not only as Americans, but as Christians and Jews, we are under attack. At present, there is still a thinly veiled subtlety associated with these attacks. Soon, however, the attacks will increase, worsen, become more overt, and even more accepted.

Airwaves are filled with talk shows that continue to advance the long dead concept of the right-left paradigm, pushing for their political candidates and agendas to save us from what is on the horizon. To quote Steve Quayle, our very special guest tonight, “there are no political solutions to spiritual problems.” Other shows expose the rise of global governance, the hubris of the political elite, yet do so without seeking the Divine wisdom contained within the template provided to us by God – the Holy Bible. Today, it’s not popular to view current events through the prism of Biblical prophecy. Tomorrow, it’s likely that it will not be legal.

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3 comments to As worlds collide: the seen and unseen

  • Ed_B

    “Not only as Americans, but as Christians and Jews, we are under attack.”

    All men and women of good conscience are under attack these days and that includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, as well as many others of various religions, and those who are not in an organized religion. Religion has been critical in the past because most of them teach people how to be ethical. It is also possible to be ethical and not be religious. Live by the golden rule and many of the problems that people have who do not live by this rule will disappear. Not all, of course, but it can sure cut them down to size.

    • Mr Numbertaker


      Well said.

      I stopped reading the article after the sentence you highlighted. I figured anyone leaving out the religion of the most sanctioned, attacked, murdered and vilified peoples on earth has an agenda or does not see the big picture. Thought I’d read the comments before I passed it over – good to see someone bothered to pick this point up.

  • Mike

    I have about had it with all institutional “solutions”. Near as I can tell they are all essentially corrupt. To try to frame your argument in the context of religious faith is to use the same diversionary tactic of political party affiliation or racial identity. Give us break, will ya. We are all in this together regardless of your petty divisions. My spirituality needs no broker to leverage my position in the holy cosmos!

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