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Americans Face Worst Drought Since 1960s & Crisis in Corn, Soy

from Silver Vigilante:

There is no doubt that the United States, and the world, could now endure the worst U.S. drought since the Eisenhower era. Up to nearly a third of the counties in the United States have been declared disasters areas. Half of the country is affected by a drought to which there has yet to appear a potential end. CNN has said there’s no hope, although remains reluctant to throw in the towel on the current financial system. Grasslands are dry as rattlesnake skin shed under the desert sun, the risk for wildfires engulfing the nation higher. Mountain peaks brown throughout the year will not serve as slides for streams in the west, the crop losses sure to reap financial and political consequences. In fact, they’ve already begun. There have been disasters declared in 26 U.S. states, making it the largest U.S. national disaster ever declared. But, this U.S. national disaster will become a global disaster, affecting countries tied to the U.S. through the global food market.

90% of Staple U.S. Food Crop Damaged, Destroyed. Nearly 90 percent of the corn and soybeans on American farms have been damaged or destroyed by the drought, and tight reserve stocks are already sending commodity prices higher. Insurance and disaster aid will rush in, but the damage to family farms throughout the nation will be worse than losses suffered by big corporations.The U.S. family farm will continue its extinction.

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2 comments to Americans Face Worst Drought Since 1960s & Crisis in Corn, Soy

  • Tom G.

    I have been pounding the table since July 21 that the black swan has already arrived and it is the Drought. This Autumn Bernanke will have the cover he needs to launch QE3 because he will say the economy needs it because of an unforeseen event- The Drought. Thus he will get away with printing money because of the drought, not because of the banking crisis which, of course, will be a lie.

  • None12


    Not a far fetched conjecture. I just wonder how the gov is going to justify switching off the internet (I do stock trading over the internet with some cash that I have not converted to metals yet…. what if….)

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