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Agenda 21: City Moves to Cut 1/3 of Austin’s Power & Jack Up Prices

from TheAlexJonesChannel :

U.N. AGENDA 21 WILL DESTROY OUR ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE ENERGY AND TURN YOU INTO A SERF IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP. In Austin Texas where I live the city council has already shut down several “city” or citizen owned power plants and our electricity bills have gone up 100%+ in the last few years. Now, they want to cut at least 33% more of our power in the name of saving the earth– a foreign army could not do this much harm. This is all about power and billions of dollars, how you ask? Select power plants are given waivers and get to stay open; and with their competition shut down, they can charge more for less. This is a pure criminal oppression run by mega corps and the politician whores they buy. It’s a giant criminal robbery hiding in plain view!

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2 comments to Agenda 21: City Moves to Cut 1/3 of Austin’s Power & Jack Up Prices

  • Choo Hader

    UN = war criminals/financial destroyers/state sponsored terrorists

    This is the TRUTH.

    They must be eliminated at any cost with extreme prejudice

    • bubba

      …and they will be Choo…the progressives in Austin and in the rest of the US will scream for the gub to protect them, “we have been loyal to you save us!!!”

      not gonna happen…only been used for their vote…they are as good as…

      extreme predudice…well put.

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