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3 Reasons America Could Be Doomed; Paul Ryan, Romney and Agenda21 – Episode #196

from PeterSantilliTV:

Mitt Romney has announce a Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan who voted for TARP, $78 billion war tax for Iraq & Afghanistan, HR 1540 — the NDAA, and making the Patriot Act permanent. Pete calls out Ryan as a war mongering Zionist with a pretty smile and a hidden agenda that is anything but fiscally conservative.

The theme in this episode from Paul Ryan to Agenda 21 exposes trickery U.S. politicians and globalists use to persuade citizens to give up trillions to fund their scams. A million dollar smile; slick tongue and no conscience when it comes to lying to the American people will finish off an already socio-economic system. Santilli encourages all Paul Ryan supporters to see through the con-artistry, and also suggests that the best way to manage our fiscal crisis is to default on debt and give the middle finger to banksters.

As to the little known subject of Agenda 21, Pete relates the same con-artistry employed by American politicians to one of the most destructive forces on the globe; Agenda 21. Pete and Susanna Cole team up in the second hour to discuss Agenda 21 and the importance of understanding the concept of “depopulation”.

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