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The Message from Jackson Hole

by Carl R. Tannebaum, Financial Sense:

Chairman Bernanke seemed to cast his sentiment with those who think that lingering unemployment and underemployment have been caused by poor rates of growth, and not by any kind of skills mismatch. He observed that “following every previous U.S. recession since World War II, the unemployment […]

Europe’s Scariest Chart… Got Scarier

from Zero Hedge:

While the general level of unemployment in Europe is rising in a scary enough way (more detail here), the one really concerning data point has gone from bad to worse. When we last looked at youth unemployment in Europe, things were stabilizing a little, though at extremely lofty levels. With […]

Caught on Tape: 2 Shocking Police Brutality Videos

from TheAlexJonesChannel :

Is Central Bank Buying Just a Driving Force Behind Gold or Much More?! – Part I

by Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Seek:

Since 2009 we have seen the signatory central banks of the Central Bank Gold Agreement cease selling their gold. We’ve stated many times in the past that the entire exercise of selling gold by these European central banks was to support the birth and establishment […]

World food prices jumped 10 percent in July

by Doug Palmer, Reuters:

World food prices jumped 10 percent in July as drought parched crop lands in the United States and Eastern Europe, the World Bank said in a statement urging governments to shore up programs that protect their most vulnerable populations.

From June to July, corn and wheat prices rose by […]

HAARPs Most Dangerous Application – Episode #215

from PeterSantilliTV:

Medical imaging radiation causes DNA damage and cancer; doctors prescribe more!

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

The health risks associated with radiation exposure, whether it comes from cancer treatments or medical imaging scans, are much more significant than most people probably think. The latest published data on radiation exposure suggests that roughly 25,000 Americans develop cancer every year as a result of medical radiation […]

Peter Schiff speaks at Paul Festival 2012

from Jason Rink:

Gerald Celente: “The whole thing is a criminal operation”

from RonPaulCC2012 :

Ron Paul on Romney’s Speech: More Militarism, More Empire, No Answer to the Debt Problem

from RonPaul2008dotcom:

Don’t Be Like Buffett?

from The Daily Bell:

Don’t follow Buffett because you can’t … Decoder (2:41) … Warren Buffett‘s approach to investing isn’t rocket science but it’s almost impossible for individual investors to duplicate because he uses leverage and a long-term approach that most people lack the will to follow. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: As […]

Fed Hints at Third Round of Quantitative Easing

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

During his Jackson Hole speech on Thursday, Fed boss Ben Bernanke said the privately owned bankster cartel “will provide additional policy accommodation as needed” and may engage in more so-called quantitative easing.

“As the crisis crested, and with the federal funds rate at its effective lower bound, the FOMC [Federal […]

Eastwood Went Off Script to Deliver Anti-War Remarks

[Ed. Note: We’re not sure what the fuss is about. There’s precious little in Clint’s speech to get the liberty lovers among us all that excited.]

from Lew Rockwell:

Why is everyone, including the Romuluns, dissing Clint Eastwood today? First, because his segment was the only interesting moment during the entire Republican convention. And second, […]

Epic Fail: The GOP’s Pitiful Attempt At A ‘Tribute’ To Ron Paul

by Andrew Kirell,

Last night, we reported on the Republican National Convention’s tribute video for Rep. Ron Paul, full of praise for the outspoken sorta-libertarian who has done an exceptional amount to change the conversation in Washington. The video featured various Republicans heaping praise on the outgoing congressman for his consistency, his fiscal […]

Top U.S. General: ‘I don’t want to be complicit’ if Israel attacks Iran

from RTAmerica:

General Martin Dempsey has voiced his opposition to Israel taking unilateral military action in Iran, so why are top military leaders using caution when it comes to military action in Iran while politicians are advocating hard-line military intervention?

Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program

from RT:

The US Justice Department is being sued after failing to adhere to Freedom of Information Act requests for documents on a federal surveillance program that has targeted the email and phone conversations of Americans throughout the last five years.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based advocacy groups that fights to protect […]

The Most Disastrous Economic Event In US History

from KingWorldNews:

Today 50 year veteran Art Cashin shocked King World News by speaking about the most disastrous economic event in the history of the United States. Cashin said, “The most disastrous thing economically that happened in this country, happened in August of 1971, when they came off the gold exchange standard.”