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Why We Love Max Keiser: The Most Dangerous Man in Financial Media

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.‘ – George Orwell

by SGT

In this day and age, who can you really trust to give it to you straight? Whether it’s the media, or the international Banksters, or the international corporations or the ‘Representatives’ in our own government – it seems we are surrounded only by liars.

In an exchange with a reader earlier today I was compelled to recall the first couple of times I ever saw Max Keiser unleash his oral daggers of blistering truth. It’s no surprise that I was not made aware of Max through the vacuum that is mainstream mockingbird American financial media, but rather via France24. I’ve posted those magnificent segments below for your viewing pleasure. More on that in a second…

Named the MOST dangerous person in the Financial Media by the Huffington Post’s Joshua Brown this past June, Max has earned his stripes and his place as one of the ultimate ‘truthers’* by consistently kicking the real criminals squarely in the ass while naming names.

It is in honor of Max Keiser that we post two of his epic appearances on France24 from 2009: Pure unadulterated, red hot, candid and consistent truth. *It was the clip below from July 16, 2009 that made me an instant, unwavering Max fan. Allow me to draw your attention to the exchange starting at 7:50 into the clip where Max refers to World Trade Center building 7 and says “Oh, you mean after building 7 exploded on 9/11, they can’t get the records any more? Well how convenient.

Max Keiser: A most dangerous man, to the establishment. Indeed. Truth on.

Max on France24, March 27, 2009
Max on France24: July 16, 2009
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15 comments to Why We Love Max Keiser: The Most Dangerous Man in Financial Media

  • Bobby

    Max should start a new campaign – Crash the Phony Financial System – Buy Real Money – Silver & Gold

  • Steve_D

    Not forgetting his fiancé Stacy, she’s like the cream to his coffee.

  • Scott Sando

    Max rocks like this song

    Just a shame he believes in man made global warming.

  • Ant

    Nice one Sean, absolute legend this man. I only wished he’d given the frenchy Goldman arse licker a little more Keiser treatment! He was an economist? Man perfect example on why we are screwed with these neoclassical f.wits
    Go the Keiser!!!

  • Tony

    Got to Love Max! & Stacy too! I wish they can replace a couple of those shills on CNBC especially Steve Lies-Man (boy is that not the perfect name for this clown). LOL

  • deepsoulradio

    i really like max and used to be on his site a lot. but he’s so damn liberal that i’ve just lost the attraction; it doesn’t piss me off but i find it tiresome. he’s a funny dude though.

  • Tony


    NFA shuts PFG down, puts it in liquidation only status …

    Another MF Global incident may be looming in the horizon. PFG Best just released this dramatic statement to its clients: “Due to a recent emergency involving … nfa-shuts-pfg-down-puts-it-in-liquidation-only-status-founder-attempt ed-a-suicide/

  • DT

    I for one am not afraid to say…that I do not like Max Keiser, despite the “good” he is doing in the financial world.

    Sure, he’s a financial hero but he (or Stacy) vehemently supports “Global Warming” and you would assume that if you are in that camp, you support the solution, which is a totalitarian world government!

    How can you not fall for one banker scheme, but totally fall for another?

    That and his liberal attitude as someone mentioned. It’s nice to analyze finance, but I’m not interested in it 24/7, I’d be wary of money becoming my god.

    • SGT

      fair criticism, but he does name the Rothschilds and the City of London as the heart of darkness. So how could he not see the Global warming carbon credit scam? He’ll come around. I’ve heard Alex Jones beat him up on this issue, to both their credit.

  • Mark98z

    *SGT*… your site has become my number ONE goto site… over the last year…. Max Keiser has been a hero of mine for years… i am glad you have tuned in… keep up the good work..

  • Ben

    AT this point, I’d like to ask a stupid question: Disclaimer, I do own gold and silver bullions in significant quantity

    Gold and silver, so often referred to as the ultimate safe haven with no collateal attached to it can be manipulated extensively as we’ve seen over the past 2 years

    Given the all the money printing and systemic frauds we’re uncovering everywhere, still, people have not flown to gold and silver to “protect themselve”

    My question is: Given all of the above, why should be expect people to stampede into physical metals? They should have done so already. And what about the safe haven status if the price of the good can be so easily manipulated?

    Love the site! Thanks for your time!

  • Ed_B

    I like most of Max’s message but would prefer it if he delivered his message as cold, hard-hitting facts, and without the hysteria that he adds. A number of friends and associates with whom I have shared a few of Max’s video clips all said the same thing… “He had me believing him right up to the point where he went nuts”. Logic, facts, and sound reasoning will sway a lot more opinions than jumping up and down and screaming. As my Gram always said, “It is a weak message that comes clothed in strong language”. Whether that be cursing or LOUD volume, is all the same.

    As to the global warming hysteria, let me paraphrase General Patton: Compared to global BS, global warming shrinks to insignificance. 😉

  • George Silver

    Max Keiser is entertaining. That is what he is all about …. entertainment. Never forget that Max Keiser comes from the very World and system that is destroying the lives of millions. He professes to be against his old life… but is he really?
    Max Keiser is a collectivist and a “man made global warming” apologist. This should give you a clue as to where his real heart is..not his words and rants.
    He’s primarily a maker of films and TV programmes. He needs to be popular and he needs the support of the mass alternative viewer.
    Max Keiser reminds me of the Court Jester of the Middle Ages. The Jester was the only person who could ridicule the King without having his head chopped off. The Jester was a kind of “relief valve” who would bring out the things that people wouldn’t dare to say without fear of losing their lives.
    If I was the Government, Federal Reserve, JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs I would need to invent a Max Keiser as a focal point to let people let-off steam.
    As Max always says at the end off his programme “and that will just about do it for now….. bye all.”

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