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Why Our Elites Stink

by David Brooks, NY Times:

Through most of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Protestant Establishment sat atop the American power structure. A relatively small network of white Protestant men dominated the universities, the world of finance, the local country clubs and even high government service.

Over the past half–century, a more diverse and meritocratic elite has replaced the Protestant Establishment. People are more likely to rise on the basis of grades, test scores, effort and performance.

Yet, as this meritocratic elite has taken over institutions, trust in them has plummeted. It’s not even clear that the brainy elite is doing a better job of running them than the old boys’ network. Would we say that Wall Street is working better now than it did 60 years ago? Or government? The system is more just, but the outcomes are mixed. The meritocracy has not fulfilled its promise.

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7 comments to Why Our Elites Stink

  • Tony

    One of the BIGGEST damage control, diversionary Propaganda pieces by the Zionist Communist owned rag known as the NY Times. Wake up people.

  • Silver Zionist

    I believe that Tony is the owner of A filthy muslim Jew hater.

    Tony, whomever he is, is a coward for not responding to my posts about the fact that Saudi spends $ 40,000 a week to grease politicians, journalists, academics in addition to financing muslim websites that attack the West.

    Here is a lovely article on a muslim group that has kills Christians:

    No doubt Tony supports that.

    NY Times has been very critical of Israel for decades.

    • Tony

      Double Speak,

      1)False Jews (Edomite/pagans) killed Christ & millions more after that i.e Bolshevik Holocaust, Palestinian Christians, etc etc (never reported by NY Times)

      2)Saudi leadership are Zionists.
      3) Michael Scheuer on FOXnews = ‘Israelis, Saudis’ Behind Iran Terror Plot !

      4) Arab lobby? What Arab lobby?
      Submitted by James Besser on Thu, 09/02/2010 – 10:51

      As a (Jewish) journalist covering the Middle East beat in Washington, I’ve always wondered about the lack of a strong pro-Arab lobby in Washington. So I’m pretty intrigued with Mitchell Bard’s new book, The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests in the Middle East – which argues that I’m wrong, and that there is one.

      The real powerhouse Middle East lobby in Washington isn’t AIPAC, Bard argues, but a diffuse but potent pro-Arab lobby run and funded by the Saudis. Read More……

  • Silver Zionist

    Saudis are Zionists? You are seriously demented. I pity your long suffering wife.

    At the Annapolis Conference In 2007,

    Saud Al-Faisel ears, underneath his red keffiyah, were left bare. And no, it wasn’t because he understood Hebrew. It was the Saudi method of demonstrating their relationship to the State of Israel. Even as the Israeli Prime Minister was greeting him and speaking of peace, they were refusing to listen. For a minute I thought I was wrong that maybe there was a technical problem. But then I saw his aide next to him – also leaving his ears demonstrably naked.”

    Then, as Olmert’s speech ended, and the audience applauded. “The Saudi representative also brought his palms together in order to appear polite. Only someone who sat very close to him could see that the never touched.

    Submitting to Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs. This vile behaviour was sanctioned and institutionalized by the President of the United States.

    AIPAC’s funds are NOT unlimited unlike the Saudis whom you are supporting when you fill your gas tank.

    Scheuer is another ex-CIA clown on a Saudi payroll. Many are. Including former American Presidents and the current one. That is one reason why the USA will go KFC. Not the only reason but one reason of many.

    Tony, I know not if you are a demented follower of or just a lying fruitcake. Both I guess.

  • Tony

    Sorry SZ Scapegoating dialectic is no longer effective……MISSION FAIL !! Command from Tel Aviv….ABORT ABORT

  • Glitter1

    The Saudis are being played/manipulated just like all the other GOY.History is replete with examples, the gilty never do the dirty work themselves, they ALWAYS use an intermediary or a patsy.They really believe in their mind that since they didn’t pull the trigger they are clean.

  • ib12541

    there’s something about using the term “elites” in america that doesn’t sit well with me

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