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‘We’re Gonna See the Price of SILVER With a Zero Behind It’ …$250, $350, $450… Plus, ‘The Great Treasuries Mystery’

Let’s get in-depth with precious metals analyst and writer Jeff Nielson. Jeff and I cover the latest criminal exploits of the Bankster cartel, and Jeff says as this paper charade melts down, we will see the price of silver with a ZERO behind it. For you home gamers, that’s a multiple of 10 times the current price… for starters. In Part 2, we cover the mystery of the Treasuries market… there are NO actual buyers, just the FED’s primary dealers doing the bidding for their master. Jeff reminds listeners, your PAPER will soon go to ZERO. Jeff is the Senior Metals Analyst at SilverGoldBull and a co-founder of BullionBullsCanada.

Part 1:
‘We’re Gonna See the Price of SILVER With a Zero Behind It’ …$250, $350, $450
Part 2:
Realize Your Paper is Going to ZERO. Soon.
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76 comments to ‘We’re Gonna See the Price of SILVER With a Zero Behind It’ …$250, $350, $450… Plus, ‘The Great Treasuries Mystery’

  • George Silver

    All very interesting but I have a question. We are told that we should stop pricing things in paper money and start pricing them in ounces of Gold or Silver.

    How do we do that?

    When I look at the price of a pair of shoes they are priced in paper money. When I want to see how much Silver I need I have to look at Silver priced in paper money.

    Am I missing something here?

    • Travis

      Well if a table costs $52 that would be 2 ounces of silver at todays price. Think of it like how many hours it takes of your labour to buy a dvd, Mars Bar, laptop, etc.
      I recently went out for dinner the other night and that basically cost me 1 1/2 ounces of silver.

      Great interview as usual, keep em coming!

      • George Silver

        This isn’t the answer. You obviously didn’t listen careful enough to the interview or read my comment properly.

        • stacker

          You are stuck in the current paradigm George. Your question is the classic example of just how much we’ve been trained into only being able to comprehend the value of something in fiat price terms.

          You are thinking too short term George. You need to think of your daily expenses in paper money, but your SAVINGS in ounces and over time how the PURCHASING POWER of your SAVINGS will increase in value in relation to other STUFF.

          We are stuck in the current pricing paradigm so you just have to work around it and keep the ratios in mind instead of the Federal Reserve Note listed price.

        • Mouse

          George Silver has a valid point: for silver to go up you need controlled inflation in the LOWEST monetary aggregates, for instance inflation in cash. What all the silver enthusiasts are talking about (bonds, derivatives, bank closures) however has nothing to do with it: it is at best inflation in the very long term aggregates or outright default, of which the latter is deflationary (yes, MF Globals and bank closures are deflationary, not inflationary).

          You cannot have silver going up in price while cash is becoming more and more scarce like now. And the other point: in deflation people are loosing jobs, they consume less, so there is less silver demand by the silver users. This can easily become dramatic, the silver demand could fall by 30%, it is possible, and then the price will go to 5 USD, not because of “manipulation”, but simply because there will be plenty of it while nobody needs it. Imagine how it feels having bought at 50 and seeing it plunge to 5 while the producers will dispose of the overhead in garbage cans.

          Please return from silver propaganda land and address this very simple argument of supply and demand before wannabe-teaching somebody like George Silver. Most probably the majority of silver stackers is just too freaking afraid to consider that their rebel trade could have been wrong. In order to be right they will just ignore all economical facts and keep stackin to infinity, no matter what happens and how much losses they accumulate.

          By the way I am a accumulator of silver, but in very small doses, and I don’t believe it will go anywhere in the next 12 months.

          • Josh

            I agree…George does bring a valid point. I’ll say this: we are told to price our wealth or whatever in ounces but the entities telling this to us are bullion dealers or informed gurus that have connections/dealings/Google ad partnerships with bullion dealers. In other words, the “price it in ounces” folks are those with agendas. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having an agenda, but these entities definitely have one, and that is to sell you something.

            And also, this marketing ploy doesn’t work in reverse. Try going to a bullion dealer and attempt to exchange a barrel of oil for 3 ounces of silver. Bet that little shin-ding of “price it in real assets” won’t last too long.

            Finally, if silver was “the stake in the criminal cartel vampire’s heart” or whatever is the latest “cool-phrase,” why would any informed person or entity sell their precious metal? Every informed person, including the criminal cartel manipulators, would be buying up bullion left and right. For right now, it’s just not happening.

            Ultimately, silver is a great investment and a great vehicle for day traders, but be careful! Like any asset class, do your due diligence with sound fundamental and technical analysis before you jump in.

            • ChainMailArmor

              Josh, If you don’t think the “criminal cartel” and every government around the world is buying up bullion like wildfire you need to continue doing your research.

              Bottom line is this. The current paper price for precious metals is suppressed and manipulated so that governments around the world can make their fiat look like its worth something. This is the only way to keep the paper ponzi scheme going for now.


              You have to use historical evidence in order to attempt to price precious metals at their real value. Remember, 20 dollars used to buy one ounce of gold. Did gold go down in value? or did the dollar? It takes almost 1600 dollars to buy the same ounce of gold now. Figure it out. The dollar is losing value even faster than the bogus spot price of silver and gold but you can only see it by going to the store and noticing that it takes more of those same dollars to buy something that used to be cheaper.


              When the rest of the world finally wakes up and realizes their paper is worthless what do you think they will do? Get more paper? No! They will go into any other tangible asset class. When that happens paper becomes worthless and everything else becomes worth something. Again, if you want numbers you will need to use historical figures. The one that makes sense to me is 1/10 an ounce of silver is worth 1 day of unskilled labor. Now multiply all your silver by 10 and thats how many days pay you have if you use that example.

              • Praxis

                By the 1/10 metric, even with a 100/oz price, minimum wage earners are still making 5 times historic wages (while having 2/5 stolen but 1/5-1.5/5 returned EOY). Accumulated system wide capital and still relatively cheap energy + gov decrees are imo responsible for that but man.. looking at it that way, no one unless they’re making literally zero isn’t making bank historically speaking.

                The mean is 2-3k a month. Yikes, extravagant standard of living. It’s all mind mushing no matter how you spin it.

                • ChainMailArmor

                  And you still price things in dollars. Just mind boggling.

                  It’s just amazing how programmed …. (including myself sometimes) about dollars we are. We literally cannot price something in anything other than a dollar. WHAT THE F IS A DOLLAR WORTH? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  It really is pathetic.

                  It won’t be like that for too much longer. When this thing finally sets in a shift in thinking will happen.

              • Josh

                Hi ChainMailArmor,

                First, let me say thank you for your response and comments. Your command of the English language suggests that we can definitely have a constructive dialogue, though we may differ in certain opinions.

                Let me just say that I personally am a long term silver bull. I like buying it and I like trading it. Silver’s been good to me so I will always have a passion for it.

                That said, I like to approach silver investment from a pragmatic perspective, rather than an emotional, conspiratorial one. So here are my responses to your comments:

                “The current paper price for precious metals is suppressed and manipulated” … I agree to an extent, in that I’m sure there is manipulation going on in all sorts of markets. However, I question the strength of each alleged act of manipulation, and not all market movements are manipulated; sometimes it’s simple supply/demand dynamics. Also, there was much talk in the past about Indian demand or Chinese demand. So where are they? In fact, reported that money is flowing out of Indian ETF’s. Like it or not, the current deflationary environment is driving out demand, and this is reflected in the price of many assets, especially silver.

                “YOU CANNOT PRICE PRECIOUS METALS BY LOOKING AT CURRENT SPOT PRICE” … If you go to Michael Maloney’s website,, his company prices bullion in $US fiat dollars. It’s not priced in barrels of oil or square footage of real estate, even though he is a proponent of pricing wealth in terms of real assets. So you might want to scream that message to him and other bullion dealers and see what they say!

                “PRICES ARE NOT GOING UP PEOPLE. THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR IS GOING DOWN” … Actually, prices right now are going down because the dollar is near all-time highs. Check out the gas prices! Way low for the summer driving season.

                “When the rest of the world finally wakes up and realizes their paper is worthless what do you think they will do? Get more paper? No!” … I hear ya, and there may be a huge bubble that erupts in the gold/silver prices. However, let’s face it. Paper/digital money does have a huge plus factor, and that is convenience. For that, and other reasons, I don’t think paper or digital money will ever go away. Look at credit cards…used responsibly, you can purchase large ticket items without having to chug along 500 ounces of silver.

                • ChainMailArmor

                  “The current paper price for precious metals is suppressed and manipulated”

                  Check and There should be no doubt in your mind that it is completely manipulated. If there is then in my opinion you have not done your research.


                  Get it while it’s cheap because current spot price does not reflect true values of the metals. They are manipulated and if you understood to what extent you would know this. These are bargain prices. The main theme of that sentence though is that since true price discovery is flawed you have to look to historical accounts in order to determine what the current price should be. So again, metals are on sale right now… buy while you can.


                  Not too long ago Gas was just 2 bucks a gallon. How soon you forget.

                  “When the rest of the world finally wakes up and realizes their paper is worthless what do you think they will do? Get more paper? No!”

                  When every other fool rushes into gold and silver with the rest of the herd what do you think I’m going to do? I’m OUT. The only question will be which asset class will I switch too. I believe that digital money is the future backed by gold/silver.

                  Man I wish I could have a huge debate with you but whats the point? You believe what you believe based on your current knowledge and I do the same. It’s not about being right or wrong with me its about following the facts where they lead. I can’t write years worth of study into a few short paragraphs so I try and get my main points across and hope it helps someone.

                  Since you know about Maloney make sure you check his video if you haven’t already:
                  Debt Collapse – $20,000 Gold – Mike Maloney On Gold, Silver & Economics


                • Josh

                  Like I said, I don’t doubt that there is some form of manipulation in this and any other market. But complete manipulation? I’d disagree. If that were the case, why wouldn’t the “criminal cartel” push down the silver price to $3? It’d truly make anyone owning precious metals look like a fool. It’s not $3 because clearly there is demand out there to support the $27 price. How much more potential demand is remaining in this bull market is open for discussion.

                  About current spot prices not reflecting the true value of the metals: I’ve heard this statement a number of times and it’s usually in the context of a “divergence between paper and physical price.” But this concept is nothing new and is hardly unique to precious metals. Almost everything in life has a divergence between paper price and true value. For example, try selling your hot rod RWD-convertible in Minnesota at Kelley Blue Book value. Even though KBB can say the car is valued at $20k, you might only be able to find a buyer at $15k. Move to Malibu in the spring, and you might be able to sell it above $20k.

                  I know that Michael Maloney has harped on the message about “price means nothing and value means everything.” I respect Mr. Maloney, but I disagree on this point. Value means nothing, price means everything. Something can be valued at $8 billion for all I care; the question is, will you find a buyer at that price? He has the view that 500 ounces of silver will be able to purchase a median-sized family home. Who is going to be stupid enough to sell a home for a monster box? If someone can find the answer to that question, great! But I suspect that most people wouldn’t be that atrociously ignorant. Also, with people making predictions of $500 silver or whatever, they are assuming that bullion dealers will buy back at that price. I’d think that if most bullion dealers are as knowledgeable about business cycles like they claim they are, they’d be pretty dumb buying an asset at the peak of a bubble.

                  In the current economic context, nobody is buying anything and people are saving their money. Inherently, that causes the US dollar to rise in terms of purchasing power, and prices of pretty much everything to drop. Yes, the long-term trend is down for the dollar, but that does not negate that in this short-term picture, cash is king.

                  Again, I’m not saying there isn’t any level of manipulation or backdoor shenanigans that caused silver to straddle at $27, but for whatever reason, that is the price that buyers are currently willing to buy and sellers are willing to sell. Hopefully, there will be a more risk-on attitude after this summer and that may cause prices to go up, but for now, we all have to accept the current demand picture for what it is.

                • ChainMailArmor

                  I just don’t understand how someone could believe that gold/silver is in any way shape or form actually traded in a free market environment.

                  In seconds more silver contracts sell than physical silver exists in the whole entire world. In seconds. They use this “paper silver” to manipulate the price. Just like anything the “more” of something there is the less it’s worth. Basic supply and demand principles. They have at least 100 to 1 paper contracts for every physical ounce of silver that exists. By making it appear that more silver exists than is really physically available they can manipulate the price all day long and they do. They also use this paper silver to sell off at certain moments and bring the price down at will.

                  I can’t find the video but SGT has one of Jeff Christian of the CPM Group admitting to 100 paper contracts for every one ounce of physical.

                  The evidence is all out there. Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you.

                • George Silver

                  Hi Josh

                  Have you read FOFOA and his take on Silver. As a holder of Silver he has me thinking.

                  He has a number of well thought out arguments that Silver is a blind-alley (my words).
                  He states that the future choice has already been made by TPTB and they have chosen Gold. That is why they are not hoarding Silver only Gold for when the reset comes.

                  I’m thinking hard about slowly converting my Silver to Gold in my own possession.

                • Josh

                  ChainMail… The paper silver exchanges or funds most likely do not have enough physical bullion to cover all the claims that are out there, so there is definitely a strong potential that two or more people have an official claim on the same bullion. So yes, there is some room here for backdoor shenanigans and manipulation. But the bottom line is that on the prospectus of these paper exchanges, there is no guarantee that contracts will be redeemed with actual bullion. These are paper trades that, should anything arise, will be ultimately settled in paper.
                  David Morgan has stated many times that there are short-term manipulative actions in the market but the long-term cannot be manipulated; otherwise, the price of silver would still be $3. I also think that if there is a criminal bankster cartel that is pulling the strings this way and that, they would have dumped the price of silver down already. This is the perfect time to do it: sentiment is weak, consumer demand is weak, people don’t know which way to go.

                  I’ll say this to the folks that may be reading: know where you are in the silver distribution line. If you are a CEO (of a mining company), or a miner, or a refiner, or a bullion dealer, you are a SELLER. But if you are average Joe Citizen, you are a BUYER. The cute marketing slogans of “value means everything, silver is the Achilles’ heel, silver is the stake in the vampire’s heart, etc…” only work to the advantage of the seller, because they focus the attention of the buyer onto how they are getting such a great deal and therefore will not focus so much on the price they have to pay.

                  Bottom line: be careful how you invest and realize that you are indeed a buyer. And that means price is everything!

                • Josh

                  Hi George,

                  No, I haven’t read FOFOA’s take on silver. I’ll say this: I tend to take with a grain of salt advice that has to do with “the powers that be” say this or that about some event in the future because there is no way I can verify those claims.

                  Also, another thing I am leery about is that if there is such a thing as an elitist bankster Cartel, they’re probably smarter than you. After all, elitists aren’t elitists because they are retarded. They are the crème de la crème, and so whatever investment strategies they are implementing are probably in a completely different and unreachable paradigm compared to the rest of us. It gives me pause because if the Cartel is hoarding gold for a possible return to a gold-backed financial system, that may mean that every consumer debt that is out there will have to be paid back with gold-backed dollars. But anyways, this is speculation on a series of events that hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll stop this line of thought.

                  About trading silver for gold: I personally am looking to do the exchange as well, but I’m waiting for the GSR to hit at least 38:1. I think it would be a mistake to do it at this moment when the GSR is hovering at recent highs of 58:1 or so. But unlike some of the silver gurus, I don’t know the future, so my opinion is only worthwhile if I’m right! 🙂

    • George Silver

      Hi Josh

      Who is buying Silver in quantity (except perhaps Sprott)? Only industrial users and the average person seem to be buying Silver. Central banks don’t seem to be buying Silver. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Silver. Perth Mint, BullionVault, GoldMoney, industrial users seem to be able to get as much as they want.
      The Central Banks, Big Banks and other wealthy buyers are certainly buying Gold. Those that have Gold don’t seem to be selling either.
      As far as the GSR is concerned it has been steadily increasing not decreasing. It could as easily go to 150 -1. Which further fool is going to take your monster box of Silver off of your hands when everyone rushes for the door? Not banks. Gold may back some future type of currency but Central Banks are not buying Silver so I can’t see it becoming “money”.
      Don’t get me wrong I’m almost totally in Silver but I now am having difficulty with the argument for Silver.

  • davepa

    Hmmm … looks like 20 is next, to me.

  • Spokoze

    Not buying it anymore. Just not. Be happy with $40 Silver.
    Silver to $250, lol SuperSonics have a better chance to win the NBa Title!

    • Hank

      Of course silver will go to $250 and beyond in frn. It is a mathematical certainty. What is the price of silver in ‘insert any of the thousands of failed fiats’? Perhaps not infinity. If you were able to acquire enough Continentals or Confederate notes to heat your home for a winter it would be worth a few oz of ag.

    • SGT

      Embrace your paper assets Spokoze, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

      • Spokoze

        I’m 100% phyzz, man.
        Been at this a while too.
        Honestly think there is a better chance to see the Seattle Sonics win an NBA championship than Silver at $250.

  • destiny5756

    Chris Duane,don’t tread on me,the website enough said

  • Bob H.

    I’m selling 2 one oz. Gold Kuggerands to buy Silver today. I use to sweat the daily price of Silver especially when I bought at $45, which hit me hard. However, since then I’ve develop the atitude that it’s all about the ounces.

  • Frank Zak

    Silver is overproduced 180 million oz a year.
    It costs $10 an oz to mine.
    There are over 1 billion oz above ground held
    by investors and producers and increasing each year.

    Silver is not money (like gold is).
    Silver is a commodity.

    I like silver, but one has to have a simple
    strategy of taking partial profits when it goes up
    and rebuying when it goes down.

    If you bought silver at $50 in 1980, you have a 50%
    loss now. Not to mention lost interest in the bank
    for 32 years.

    If you bought gold in 1980 at $800, you have a 100%
    profit. That’s not much over 32 years, but at least
    it is not a loss.

  • Dan

    I’m also not a buying silver at the moment (nor I am selling).

    I believe there is a manipulation going on but I’m not confident it will ever be
    exposed to the point where the price explodes to the upside in any serious way.
    I hope I’m proven wrong and if it does move above $40 an ounce I will look at it again.
    Until that occurs I will keep to purchasing physical gold and platinum.

    • ChainMailArmor

      You bring up an important point Dan when you say:

      “I believe there is a manipulation going on but I’m not confident it will ever be
      exposed to the point where the price explodes to the upside in any serious way.”

      This is the one question that I have always had for any and all experts out there. I would love SGT to ask Ranting Andy or someone else this question and it is simply:

      Since the Banking Cartel/Government has the ability to manipulate precious metals prices at will using unlimited amounts of paper contracts what will ever make them stop? What is the tipping point? What does it look like?

      SGT… Please ask Ranting Andy and whoever else you think would give a clear, defined answer. Thx.

      • SGT

        I hear ya, I’ll try to remember to ask him about this. For the record, I don’t think the manipulation will end until the Wall Street – FED – Western banking debt-based fiat paradigm collapses entirely. Having said that, some very smart people like Ron Paul, LaRouche, Sprott, James Turk, Sinclair, Weir, etc. think that’s what is occurring (albeit in slower motion than I would have guessed) right now.

  • Steady Eddie

    At the current rate the zero at the end will be $0. What the hell man… I’m sick of being bombarded with future gold and silver price targets… sick of it…

    If we are living in a world of $250 silver or $10,000 gold, then I hope you have lots of guns and lots of food.

    The price is only going lower for now…. I’d rather lose some money and have everything go back to ‘normal’. Earning 5% fixed income and I’ll die a happy man.

    • Tony

      @ 5% Fixed interest you are not even keeping up with true inflation. Worse than that is you are hoping for the current system to survive, It can not nor should not. It is an immoral system based on debt, usury & only serves the elite & enslaves the debtor to the creditor (that’s us).

      It must be destroyed & replaced with what our founders wanted. Above all we need wisdom & patience & most importantly faith & courage. It is the only way humanity will evolve.

      • Steady Eddie

        Hi Tony,

        I know it is an immoral system. I don’t disagree with what you are saying but it will never happen. No form of representative government has ever been devised to maintain human morality. Exactly how will you destroy it and replace it? There is no system to manage human beings collectively. People just need to be left alone and be free to participate with groups they wish to. I want the right to opt out of what the founders wanted. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me. That’s the only system that works.


    • SGT

      you wrote: “I’d rather lose some money and have everything go back to ‘normal’. Earning 5% fixed income and I’ll die a happy man.”

      Unfortunately Steady Eddie, those days are GONE, and you can thank the FED and the criminal cartel for the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to manipulate interest rates down to ZERO thereby STEALING from savers, like you. (See LIBOR!) They are going to STEAL everything you have, and THAT’S why we talk about owning PHYSICAL precious metals, one of the few true ASSETS in the world with NO counter party risk.

      As far as silver price projections go… there’s a heck of a LOT of information being discussed in this 2-part interview. The mention of the price of silver with a zero behind in comprises a few sentences.

      • Steady Eddie

        Hi SGT,

        Those days aren’t gone, they will just come back in a different form. You said… “They are going to STEAL everything you have…” if this is the case then they can steal my Gold and Silver too can’t they? During WWII my parents gold jewelry was looted by Nazi soldiers. If there is truly nothing stopping them as you claim, they can make ownership of gold and silver illegal. They will get the transactional records of all bullion dealers and come for their customers gold. Will they loot just fiat and stop their or will they go for after real money like gold and silver?

        I see the value in building multi-generational wealth with PMs… If you believe in the collapse scenario gold and silver will be useless until commerce is re-established. All that will matter until then is food, shelter and safety. How many zeros won’t matter for silver DOES NOT MATTER. Zeroes only matter if the existing paradigm is maintained.


        • Praxis

          PMs will definitely matter during even a semi-SHTF event as anyone producing a surplus of necessities will demand something else. Though your prognosis is far from unsound, those with the surplus of necessities will make out like bandits, those with physical assets and less than adequate production will survive and those with neither will either go needy, die or line up in the slave labor lines to stay alive if they are fit enough.


    Don’t die on me Eddie!!! If you are tired, get rested. If you are sick, get well!
    5% you are loosing-Big Time!!! Keep stacking! Ya need to do alittle more reading!
    “Go back to normal” (???)

    • Steady Eddie

      Hi Cajun,

      You speak as if there will never be interest rates above 0%. This is not the case. It’s not ZIRP to infinity. If the system is reset and capitalism survives normal times can comeback.


  • Anon

    I always see references to the $50 price of the 80s. That was manipulation, plain and simple. The recent run to $50 was also manipulation but the thousands of Silver blogs that popped up, classic pump and dump.

    • SGT

      Anon wrote: “The recent run to $50 was also manipulation but the thousands of Silver blogs that popped up, classic pump and dump.”

      You are right, it was just all us dopey silver bugs! All 5,000 or 10,000 of us that caused it to run up to $50. And the criminal cartel has played absolutely no role in the conspiracy to manipulate it back down through endless supplies of paper silver. There is no “conspiracy” or “manipulation” of this market!! We can trust them. Just look at how honorably they’ve behaved with MERS and Mortgage-backed securities, Take a look at how they’ve not taken advantage of HFT. The Treasury market is transparent and honest too! And look at LIBOR, no conspiracy there involving multiple banks AND Central banks, whatsoever. LOL. LOL. LOL.

      Sure Anon. Just us nutty silver bugs – guilty of running silver up and tearing it down. Brilliant.

  • frank

    Silver/gold won’t explode to the upside until a major black swan event happens. Until then it will continue to be manipulated until TPTB no longer need it to be.

    After that, who knows how high it can go. I bet it happenes overnight. Markets close for the weekend, then BOOM, all hell breaks loose and when markets reopen, the rocket has already lifted off pricing out the little guys. Best to postion yourself now and wait things out. It could go on for years or start tomorrow.

    Just a guess on my part…

  • MRH

    I really liked what Jeff was saying about “pricing silver and gold against real assets” like shoes and houses. Tangible items and are NECESSARY for people to live. Sure, you can say you are going to live in a cave, but is that realistic? You can say you can go barefoot, but, again, is it realistic? Pricing silver and gold against a “currency” that may not exist in a short period is not the way to determine WEALTH or VALUE. If you want to sell your precious metals, please let me know, as I exchange my fiat for your bullion today, tomorrow or whenever you would like. Keep your faith, keep strong and keep stacking.

  • davepa

    Tecnically, silver is skating on thin ice. We are quickly approaching a fork in the road. My adding points:
    A) when, silver breaks down, wait patiently for a $20ish hit.
    B) when, sliver break up through the down trend line which started in April of last year.

    fwiw this is and has been a loooooong term position

  • davepa

    Supposedly JPM just added over a million ounces of silver to their vaults. This, would add strength to the legs of the bulls; if this really happened. So, maybe $26 will hold.

  • uncviper23

    Don’t get discouraged Sean. The paper hit I’ve taken SUCKS but it’s wealth and not money I have. When fiat isn’t the ruler wealth will be able to have it true value. It’s manipulated against paper derivatives which is long term all worthless.

    Can’t you guys smell the smoke???? ROME IS BURNING! This is going to last much longer.

    It’s lasted longer than I ever thought. This election is going to bring a new government and a new currency by next summer I believe.

    We all have choices to make. Use your head and not your emotions.

  • Scott Sando

    Hey Sean, great interview as usual but is there any chance you could do a old school SGT vid, where we get to hear your thoughts on a given situation.

    It was your old video’s which made me change my focus from gold to silver.

  • Glitter1

    To many Johny Come Lately, jump on the band wagon Amateurs that have not performed their due diligence prior to jumping into something they know nothing about. By comparison, the money you had in the Dow/S&P since 2001 has lost money not including loss of purchasing power over the same time.The same amount of money placed in Gold & Silver you would be up >500%. Most on these blogs didn’t even know what Gold & Silver was 10 years ago.As Jim Sinclair said recently “IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN “. Just as those who jumped into Face Book(FB) at $42 and then proceeded to lose a third in the following weeks, and continue to whine about it going down thinking it would shoot up to $50,60,70,80…etc, many jumped on the Silver band wagon at $30,40,45 and now it’s down but not out.I first purchased physical at $4.50, $9.80, $22 then it dropped to $10, went back up to $26, bought more, then it went up to $49. Yea it feels great when you are strapped to a rocket and you’re counting your gains everyday, but markets never go straight up.I appreciate every one of these “Much Smarter Than Me” analysts, they are the proffessional confidance building you need to ride/stay with a long term trend.Ted Butler in 2001 was calling for >3 digit Silver, even though he wouldn’t commit to $450 silver, but others did, and I’ve never waivered since.At this stage of the World Economic Collapse there is nothing else other than Gold & Silver. Consider your self very lucky that you are here now,way ahead of the curve,because you are a small minority in the public. Stick with it and keep the faith, you will look like a genius in the fullness of time.

  • Mike F.

    I am with you Glitter1. Trying to wade throught all the pmsing little girlies on this sight, because their AU dropped $10 is value in fucking pathetic. Go ahead and sell your AU winy little bitches and invest in Treasuries and GTFO of here!!!

  • Praxis

    Phew. How are people overlooking that this is all confidence game. Price doesn’t matter. If you predict loss of confidence in fiat, then you’re in the right trade among other physical assets. (diversity = good) Even real estate is fine if you have the gonads and nose for a solid long term deal. I happen to think confidence will be destroyed, but determining when and how quickly is like trying to predict a specific weather pattern 6 months in advance. All we know for sure is there are seasons and that winter comes after fall.

    If you predict confidence in fiat will go up or sideways, then PM’s aren’t for you. Real simple stuff. All financial shinegans aside, the only reason to even consider silver is people priced out of the phys gold market looking for a door, any door. Also as an alt day to day currency in case of the Bernank’s hilarious ‘tail risk’ line.

    Price doesn’t matter here, liquidity does. You could save in food and liquor if you want. PM’s do the job better but same concept. People are panicky creatures, especially over money and shineys. The debt tsunami is well under way threatening millions with deflationary ruin. People just haven’t noticed the water in their basements yet or are in crippling denial / Stockholm syndrome.

    Again, if by some miracle decree this financial holocaust is avoided, great! But I don’t think even hyper advanced AI could save us from ourselves at this point. People just don’t give a rats ass about each other hence the financial cannibalism will turn to real cannibalism eventually. Read up on the Soviet collapse aftermath. Except this is global.

  • Ben

    “THAT’S why we talk about owning PHYSICAL precious metals, one of the few true ASSETS in the world with NO counter party risk”

    This is sooooooooo false that It makes everyone saying this looks like a damn fool. If the metal price keeps being crushed, suppressed and manipulated, THERE IS a counter party risk, it’s called: The criminal banking cartel. And it’s a damn big counter party risk if you ask me!

    I have my metal home, out of the banking system and the price it’s still being manipulated. Instead of risking to lose it all by consfication, it still can be taken away from me with price manipulation

    This non-counter party risk argument is as ridiculous as the refrence to the famous gold/silver ratio. It doesn’t have to come back to 1 to 1 or 16 to 1. It could…but it also could not

    I have lots of gold and silver…but i’m being relastic: I just can’t see it EXPLODE to the upside. I feel it’ll always be kept in check to some extent

    • SGT

      I don’t think you understand the difference between real world physical assets and the crumbling illusion of wealth that is all PAPER within this debt-based paradigm. You owe it to your future self to figure it out. PHYSICAL precious metals in YOUR possession are unencumbered and have NO counter party risk. To say that the banksters’ paper crimes gives MY PHYSICAL counter party risk is delusional – and drastically misinformed. They can take the paper price of silver as low as they want – but they can’t get my physical silver from me – and when this system implodes, PHYSICAL will BE all that matters.

      But I’m glad you own physical precious metals. If you believe what Jim Willie, Mike Krieger, Chris Duane, Lindsey Williams, James Turk, Bix Weir or John Williams have said – physical will be ALL you will be able to rely on. And because there is NO counter party risk, you OWN it – outright. And THAT’S the point.

  • Brian

    Its JUST typical snakeoil salesman predictions who have Silver to sell you and to just make money off you…the fundamentals of precious metals is money are there,I agree! BUT ITS ALL CONTROLLED! PAPER AND METALS! ALL OF IT! If you think your going to get rich from precious metals,I have a silver bridge to sell you!

    • SGT

      Such a cynic Brian. Do you really have a silver bridge? That’d be awesome. ‘Cause I’m a buyer.

    • Scott Sando

      More than anything I buy silver because I can no longer support fractional reserve banking and the criminality around it.
      Whats the right thing to do Brian keep your money in the bank where it can be lent out 9x over to get families into debt.
      Keep it in bank that intend to leech and destroy my family and people.
      keep it in banks who profiteer of drugs and war.

      So whats the right thing to do Brian, fiat of metals?

      • Brian

        I am aware of fractional reserve banking and how it works.But again,the ponzie scheme is controlled and being manipulated.You buy precious metals to hedge,but NOT to get rich! These snake oil salesman telling you that silver is going to $250 so they can make money off you and sell their silver to you.Why sell if its going to be SOOO valuable??

        Nothing wrong with having precious metals,but your MOST IMPORTANT assests with be Water,Food,Guns,and things you can actually use.

  • Mike F.

    The dufus runs strong in this thread…

  • Scott Wolf

    According to Lakshman Achuthan at the Economic Cycle Research Institute,we are in recession right now.By years end,it will be acknowledged that we’ve been in recession.Time to buy on the dips and wait for the election pump priming of the Fed,ECB,et al to drive metals way up going into 2013.ONLY THE AMOUNT OF OUNCES OWNED MATTERS.Dollar value is irrelevant.

    Everyone interested should go on and watch the new video-compelling stuff.To the contrarian paper bugs commenting here:good luck with your fraud and ZIRP!

  • Ed_B

    “If the system is reset and capitalism survives normal times can comeback.”

    Ah, but that’s just it, Steady Eddie. What we are witnessing today is not a reset. It is the current paper paradigm self-destructing. What a lot of people THINK is normal is not normal at all. It is simply what we are used to seeing because we do not understand the current house of cards economy that has been built over the past 30-40 years. What passes for normal to many will not and in fact cannot return… ever. It was a mirage and mirages have a nasty habit of fading away just as we reach out to touch them. I laugh at the talking heads on CNBC and other places when they moan and groan about how bad the US stock market is today but all will be well when it “returns to normal”. That’s not happening now, nor is it going to happen. The economic and financial conditions that built the US economy of the 1960s-2000 no longer exist and for many reasons.

    As to silver, yes, it is a fine thing to own. I have quite a bit of it and have no plans to sell anytime soon. For me, silver is a terrific inflation fighter. Yes, we DO have inflation and it is running somewhere between 8-10%, depending on where you are and what month it is. This is about 2.5-3 times higher than Mr. Bernanke admits because every time his calculations show rising inflation, he changes the rules about how it is calculated! Real economists, like Mr. John Williams of, use the old government methods of calculating inflation and unemployment and his numbers show these things to be MUCH higher than the Fed or the gov admit. Of course, he has no ax to grind in this… unlike the Fed and the gov. My shopping experience shows me that Williams is spot on while Bernanke is not. If all silver does is protect what I have from the ravages of inflation, then it will have served its purpose and I will be well satisfied in having bought it. OTOH, it is rises substantially in value over time, then that will be fine with me as well. 🙂

  • mr620

    eveyone has to find their own path to understand theirself and their relationship to life and money. We can’t jam years of experience and knowledge down your throat in a few posts or couple of videos so u can catch up with other who started earlier, rightly or wrongly. We are so into just in time inventory these days that we apply it to everything, including investing. Hey, it’s your money, you do the walk on your talk and I do mine.

  • Troy

    Just bought 40 dimes “2.9 ounces” from my local antique dealer. He buys silver from people, and I usually get first crack at any silver thats comes in at his shop. I buying silver as long as it stays in the under $35 range. Whenever silver goes past $35, I slow way down on silver purchasing, and buy other things that I KNOW will be higher priced in the future and do not have expiration dates. I recently purchased 350 lds of wild rice, that when kept coola dn dry will NEVER expire. The rice normally priced at $5.99 per pound, was $2.99 per pound. I bought a little over $1000 worth of it, cleaned the store out “Hy-Vee”. That is an example of when I did not buy silver. The rice was so cheap, I went all in. If silver EVER gets to under $25, I will go all in as I have a large amount of cash waiting. I do already have a huge amount of silver right now, so I can wait for dips. If you don not have any silver right now…Don’t wait, start buying now so at least you have some. As you get a large stack, then you can hold cash and wait for dips. I have been buying every time silver dips in the $26’s. It is always good to have around 1 years worth of food at any given time. I would say with silver, buy as much as you can afford as long as you food stash is complete or near complete. Also pay off all dept. If you have massive dept, sell the dept, downsize, and start fresh with all dept cleared. A small house paid for is far better than a mansion with dept. Keep stackin silver and food!

  • Troy

    thats debt, I need to recheck my spelling…I type WAY too fast!

  • Glitter1

    Just a couple more comments to recap on Silver;Sprott said Silver is the investment of the decade;Butler has been saying for the last ten years that Silver is way under valued and the fundamentals will drive it’s value to multiple triple digits; Izzie Friedman goes a step further,1,000oz of Silver will someday purchase a 4bdr Colonial;Turk has talked about triple digit Silver for almost ten years. All of the US 5 billion oz stockpile is gone forever, the US Mint has to purchase Silver on the open market to produce Bullion Coins and Bars, The USGS has stated that at current consumption rates,all known above and below ground reserves of Silver will be exhausted within ~ 15-20years(read that again and let is sink in).Hey, Palladium not to long ago was $25oz, now it’s trading between $500 – $700 oz and Silver is more valuble than Palladium. It’s only a matter of time when the suppression/manipulation will be overcome by the fundmentals and move towards it’s true value(think Palladium $700oz), it’s not a question of if,it’s only a question of when!Some of the market experts are saying that Silver is scarcer than Gold and is therfore more valuble and will eventually be priced higher than Gold.I say based on all of this information, today’s price of $27oz is like Palladium when it was $27oz and now >$500oz.I trust all of the market experts mentioned here because they have invested their fortunes on the current and future fundamentals of Silver and Gold.Success is defined as following/imulating successful individuals, all you have to do is see sussessful people and follow what they are doing. Nuff Said!

  • anthony

    I really do hope we see those prices without high inflation or hyperinflation.

    But then again, if Crapple stocks went from $10 per share in 2000 to $600 per share today, I dont see why Silver cant.

  • Silver Lorlin

    If you want to really understand silver please read Charles Savoy “The Silver Stealers”,
    I think that this is the best silver expose ever written on this subject. For those believing in free market (supply&demand)this work will be too much to handle.

    • Glitter1

      Just read the Silver Stealers, appreciate the tip. It’s an expose’of the same old cabal of insiders through history from a different angle, assembled and packaged in a very real practical format. In all practicalities, this is a summary of the modern NWO Organization which has it’s origin as deliniated in “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion “The are certainly well along in their “Great Work” of subjugating the world under their control.They may very well carry their plans through to fruition.It is my belief that their plans are laid bare in Biblical Prophecy;Daniel,Mathew and Revealations.Re 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.We know who and where they are and what they are up to!

      • Tony

        Good points Glitter, Henry Ford wrote extensively on the subject his pamphlet “The International Jew” is an eye-opener. Too bad the cabal forced an apology from Henry. That’s the problem too many cowards afraid to be called anti-semitic.

        Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni
        “Anti-semitic”, “its a trick we always use it” (1 minute video)

        • Glitter1

          Yea, they invented to term Anti-Semitic as a means to discredit and silence the opposition. Just like the term “Conspiracy Theories” was invented by them for the same reasons.Their influmence is from repesentation accross a broad spectrum including:politicians,academia,medicine,big pharma,insurance,industry & banking,their power is finance(money)!

      • IronLionZion


        Why blame the jews ? beacuse of the Rotschilds family ?
        They aren’t “real” jews who follow the ethics of judaism .
        Taking intrest for loan is prohibited in judaism .

        Maybe there are few bastard jews but you cant blame a whole nation .
        It will be the same if Il’l blame all of you guys for the crimes U.S did all around the world – is that your fault ? or just the criminal elite ?

        • Tony

          The “bastard Jews” control the US in case you have not noticed. When you righteous Jews denounce these “bastard Jews” The world we be behind you. We are waiting.

          “To whom Much is given much is required”


    • Glitter1

      There is definately a relationship between the Silver User’s Association and the Suppression/Manipulation of Silver & Gold.This is a tight knit group of Elites accross Business, politics, Banking, Insurance, etc.If you look at it, why not suppress Silver so your business interest/insider buddy’s have access to low cost metal for manufacturing.However, at some point in the future this deminishing resource has to effect the value/price to the upside.Just like with peak oil we will experience peak silver and soon.There are sustitutes for oil, not so with silver.They may call in/confiscate gold & silver again, but people are wiser now and will defy it, I will!I also believe the that much higher PM’s will coincide with a very chaotic environment that will not be pleasant or desirable.

  • Mary

    Thank you for a very interesting article. I have enjoyed reading all the informative comments. I buy my silver bullion at and receive discounted prices. You will not be disappointed with their service.

  • Nick

    This is just an observation:

    Right now our annual deficit in the U.S. is five trillion dollars.
    Meanwhile, the annual production of silver mined is (probably less than)eight hundred million troy ounces.

    Let’s see what that looks like:

    $5,000,000,000,000 ÷ 800,000,000 Troy Oz=

    $6250 of new debt created for every new ounce of new silver mined.

    To me, this at least suggests that the silver price will be going up in value quite dramatically — sooner rather than later — at least in relative value to the US dollar.

    • Glitter1

      I believe (as others)that a currency reset is coming. Basically the reset will be the revalueation of $Gold & $Silver much,much higher. The real question is: how does that revaluation translate into retention of purchase power compared to current purchase power.

  • Dan

    They may revalue gold but I doubt they would touch silver as it would cause massive inflation.

    Gold is a monetary asset / a store of wealth. hence not too much is consumed in global industry.
    So revaluing gold wouldn’t really cause that many problems and may actually help fix a few.

    On the other hand silver’s role has arguably changed from being a lower tier monetary asset to a important key industrial component with many applications.
    So revaluing silver would cause some problems for the global economy.

    I think the best you can hope for is a slow and controlled price increase as supplies get tighter and tighter.
    They will probably look for a price support level which would and make land fill recovery and recycling more financially feasible.

    So you may yet see $100 an ounce silver in the next year or two but I’d be surprised if ‘they’ allow it to progress much higher.

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