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War Of The Central Banks?

from Testosterone

The coordinated confidence-inspiring words from the Eurozone’s fearless leaders yesterday and today about doing whatever it would take to save the euro wasn’t about Greece anymore. Its life support may get unplugged in September. Politicians have apparently given up. The tab isn’t that dramatic: default and return to the drachma would cost Germany €82 billion and France €62 billion (Ifo Institute PDF). Survivable.

The fearless leaders were afraid of Spain, whose vital signs were deteriorating. Unemployment hit 24.6%, worse than Greece’s 22.5%. In the southern region of Andalusia, it rose to a mind-boggling 33%. Youth unemployment (16-24) set a sobering record of 53.3%. Even more worryingly, in a country where family solidarity and multi-generational households are the norm, the number of households where no one worked climbed to 1,737,000. So, in the first half of 2012, over 40,000 Spaniards emigrated—up 44% from last year. Instead of consuming and producing in Spain, they took their education that society had invested in and sought their fortunes elsewhere.

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2 comments to War Of The Central Banks?

  • Frank Zak

    My prediction is the Fed will pump up real
    estate prices to make the banks solvent again.
    This with low mortgage rates.

    The more they pump up real estate, the more
    credibility the banks have.

    They must get the banks solvent in a mark to
    market situation.

    By next year th general public will realize
    there is another real estate boom and want in.

    At the about same time gold started dropping, real estate
    prices turned up.

    50% of the listings are gone and there is not much to buy.

    Buy cheap houses in decent neighborhoods.

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