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Vatican Money Laundering Scandal Grows…JP Morgan is Involved of Course

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

At the center of the growing Vatican money-laundering scandal is Gotti Tedeschi, who fell afoul of powerful players within the Church for seemingly investigating financial crimes too closely upon becoming head of the Vatican Bank.  This is an incredible story that is sure to only grow in scope, and of course America’s number one criminal organization, JP Morgan, finds itself squarely in the middle of it all.  This is a lengthy but must read article…

Key Quotes:

The pope had apparently tasked the financial executive with making the Vatican bank more transparent. But by approaching his task with perhaps an excess of zeal Gotti Tedeschi upset powerful forces within the Roman Curia, the Vatican’s administrative and judicial apparatus. Several high-ranking officials within the Curia viewed the bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), as something akin to a trust company for clandestine monetary transactions that is not only used by the Church, but allegedly also by the mafia as well as corrupt politicians and companies. In one of the seized Gotti Tedeschi memos, he wrote: “I’ve seen things in the Vatican that scare me.

A role in the effort was played by a bank in Benedict’s home country: Germany. In 2009, the same year that Gotti Tedeschi took over as president of the IOR, the bank set up an account with the Milan-based branch of the American bank JPMorgan Chase. From that point on, millions started flowing on an almost daily basis from JPMorgan’s Milan office to the one in Frankfurt, where the IOR also had a JPMorgan account.

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5 comments to Vatican Money Laundering Scandal Grows…JP Morgan is Involved of Course

  • Frank Zak

    The Catholic Church had a standing rule you got
    excommunicated if you were a Freemason. Now they allow
    Freemasons recently.

    There are some good rumors that the last 40 Cadinals
    appointed were Freemasons. Of course, the Rothschilds
    are Freemasons.

    Freemasons in higher degrees worship Lucifer. The Freemasons
    take their religion from the ancient Egyptians.

    Freemasons believe man is God. They imbibe the powers
    of Lucifer at the 32nd degree. Truman, both Bush’s were
    or are Freemasons. Most the presidents attended the
    Bohemian Grove, where they worship Lucifer.

    The reason these groups were so secret were in the 1800’s if
    you were found in England to be an atheist, they hung you.
    The Catholic Church also persecuted you.

    Crowley initiated Hitler and the wife of Prescott Bush,
    whom spent two weeks with him. Prescott Bush was the money
    bankster who sent funds to Hitler and the senate tried to
    prosecute him for it.

    The Bush’s were Skull and Bones Freemasons. So was John Kerry.

    Stalin and Mao were freemasons. Many presidents were

    Their own laws require they kill people whom expose them.
    They cannot prosecute another Freemason. A Freemason lodge
    is considered a private country. A policeman cannot enter it.

    “No matter who you vote for, you always vote for one of us.”
    Joseph Stalin

  • Frank Zak

    It should be mentioned Malachi Martin
    saw Lucifer worship in the Vatican. He
    was really the first to expose them.

    The vast majority of Catholic priests are
    gay for a fact.

    “A Catholic priest is gay until proven otherwise.”
    quote of a priest

    One pope had naked little boys pop out of a birthday
    cake, where the cardinals around him took them
    into their private chambers. The corruption
    prompted Martin Luther to break.

    Catholic priests are for the most part not allowed
    to get married.

  • Tony

    Great job Frank… left out the role of the Jesuits they were founded by Loyola a Jewish convert funded by Rothschild. Rothschild does the banking for the Vatican, they are all Cabbalistic Freemasons & are evil. When a nation of people are blinded to un-dying loyalty towards a religion or nation’s doctrines, they are inevitably led to slaughter. Vatican, City of London & Washington DC are the 3 sides of the illuminati. Until we walk away as Chris Duane says we will never be free & humanity will suffer.

  • Chumbawamba

    I am auctioning off the body parts of Pope Ratzinger to the highest bidder. Pieces will be determined by bone joints, so please specify which segment of flesh/bone you would like and specify a side (left/right). You can bid on as small a piece as a knuckle, or as large as a thigh bone. You may also bid on specific organs. The head has a reserve price of 100 pieces of gold.

    If this auction proves popular and successful then the body of Pope John Paul II will be exhumed and auctioned similarly, and previous popes will be exhumed in reverse order of death as long as demand remains.

  • Tony

    Chum, I have dibs on the Adams apple, would be fun to play badminton with.

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