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Understanding the Gold and Silver Bullion Business, Andrew Schectman Interview, Miles Franklin

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7 comments to Understanding the Gold and Silver Bullion Business, Andrew Schectman Interview, Miles Franklin

  • Frank Zak

    Many big bullion companies have gone
    bankrupt in the past.

    If they go bankrupt while your coins
    are in transit, you can loose all
    your money.

  • Frank Zak

    I have been collecting coins 50 years
    and know most coin and bullion outfits.

    I must say, I like these people LESS
    then I like lawyers.

    They are opportunists and the shadyest
    of all people. They are not heros
    because they happen to be selling the
    right commodity at the right time.

    You are dealing with sharks.

  • GoodOleBoy

    If I recall correctly, even Tulving went bankrupt for a while. Why would the US want to confiscate gold? I understand why they did it back then because gold was still circulating as money but it doesnt anymore, so what would be the purpose? Now if they need more money they just print it.

    • Travis

      They would confiscate, otherwise known as steal because they know it is real wealth. At one point even the Romans would not accept their own currency as payment on tax.

      • Frank Zak

        I am an ancient coin collector. Most coinage was silver
        in the Roman Empire besides bronze). There was extremely
        little gold coins in the ancient world.

        Basically gold became popular after Coumbus discovered
        the New World. Silver was the money.

        Between Columbus and when Cortez landed 8 million
        Tainos Indians were killed. Columbus was a mass murderer.

        After his third voyage, Ferdinand and Isabella had him
        bought back to Spain in handcuffs and stripped of
        all his wealth.

        He was unknown, until Napoleon invaded Spain and one
        of his generals found the diaries of Columbus in
        a vault.

        Columbus spent the last years of his life walking around
        in a monks garb. When he died, no one even noted his death.

  • Ed_B

    “Now if they need more money they just print it.”

    Yes, they do. Unfortunately for them, money zapped up out of thin air is worth just that… air. Gold and silver are REAL money and have been for over 4,000 years. That is a record of success that no fiat currency ever created can hope to match. They keep trying, though. Unbacked paper money usually lasts about 80 years before it collapses. We left the gold standard in 1971… 41 years ago… 39 to go… maybe. :-/

  • FiveThousand

    He says that the govt would target the ETF’s in a confiscation – I think they already have.

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