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Uh Oh Jamie! JP Morgan To Be Subpoenaed Over Defunct PFG’s Missing Segregated Money

from Zero Hedge:

The blunt trauma that JPMorgan was implicated in the missing millions from segregated accounts in Jon Corzine’s bankrupt MF Global may have passed but the memory lingers, especially for all those whose cash is still locked up somewhere in vapor space. Yet one event that may tear the scab that patiently was healing, courtesy of a Copperfield market full of distractions such as JPM’s CIO fiasco, Lieborgate, oh and, Europe, right off is the recent bankruptcy of Peregrine Financial, aka PFG, whose story we first broke, and which just as we suspected, has promptly become the second coming of MF Global, as at least $200 million has “evaporated.” It is thus with little surprise that we find that the first party of interest is none other than JPMorgan, which together with various other banks, will be the target of a subpoena by the PFG trustee. How shocking will it be to find that Dimon’s company is once again implicated in this particular episode of monetary vaporization.

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1 comment to Uh Oh Jamie! JP Morgan To Be Subpoenaed Over Defunct PFG’s Missing Segregated Money

  • willyt2

    You know, from my point of view (which means nothing) all of this can keep happening until the cows come home. It seems all of these crooks keep getting away with this theft of the peoples money and nothing is getting done about it. So how many times does Jamie Dimon / JP MOrgan Chase need to be implicated in these out right thefts before something will be doen about this? Ob viously they are above the law and it doesn not apply to big banks of the CEO’s they can steal all they want and they are untouchable. John Corzine, Jamie Dimon and the likes. He is being subpoenaed, however that does not mean anythng will happen or that anyone will be prosecuted. They are never prosecuted obviously it’s ok that MF Global stoled all that money it’s all legal , what a joke!!!!

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