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These Banks Are Involved in Every Imaginable CRIME, Once They Lose Control We’ll Live in a Very Different World

Here’s my dramatic 2-part interview with precious metals pundits Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter. We discuss the clear evidence of the international banking crimes, we debate inflation VS deflation and conclude with this FACT: The collapse is happening, and once the Banksters lose what little control they have left, the world in which we live will change forever.

Part 1:
These Banks Are Involved in Every Imaginable CRIME
Part 2:
Once the Banksters Lose CONTROL, We’ll Live in a Different World:
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28 comments to These Banks Are Involved in Every Imaginable CRIME, Once They Lose Control We’ll Live in a Very Different World

  • Tim

    I love it, SGT! I just finished typing my comment on another post, and this post pops up. Andy Hoffman is the very person I was thinking of as I typed my comment. I’m going to listen right now.

  • Bobby

    Gold & Silver are FREEDOM
    Paper is SLAVERY

  • Ant

    Sean you rule dude! Will have another friend converted by this avo. It’s a hard job but thanks to this new interview it’s gonna be easier. I just hope J’S isn’t right about the apparent Sunday announcement doesn’t happen yet. I ran out of time to get my new 2 oz of golld on Friday, Monday for me now haha hold on Benny you piece of elite poo.

  • Frank Zak

    When you buy a house you get title insurance.
    MERS is not a problem the buyers.

    Renting is the biggest mistake one could ever make
    over the long term.

    If you buy real estate and it drops, you can walk
    away from the mortgage.

    You should not own much gold and silver before
    you already own a house. House is number one
    before any other investment.

    Gold could go flat again for 20 years if our prediction
    of a collaspe does not happen.

    Houses go up with inflation and you own title.

    • Travis

      You cannot walkaway from a mortgage in state that has Recourse laws in place. If you live in these states you can:
      North Carolina
      North Dakota
      Washington State
      If you do the math and rent as if you are paying a mortgage, then renting is the answer for 5-7 years.

  • Anon Patriot

    “once they lose control” – man, they’ve already lost control (a while ago)! we’re just now beginning to find out how much they’ve lost control!

  • Tony

    Andy Hoffman & Miles Franklin are honorable and I recommend doing business with them. They are American Patriots & I am pleased SGT recognizes their value to our community.

    PS-Wake up to what Andy is saying…..he knows what he is talking about.

  • Ed_B

    “Wake up to what Andy is saying…..he knows what he is talking about.”

    That’s a pretty safe bet considering how many of us read SGT Report on a daily basis. Love Andy Hoffman’s comments. He’s definitely one of the “good guys”.

    Bill Holter is coming on very nicely as well. I really liked his comments on GNP and deficits. Right on, Bill!

    I would add to that, the economic situation is pretty bad these days because the rate of inflation (even the rate admitted by the Fed, which is about 1/3 of the REAL value) is about double the rate of GNP growth. IMHO, a lot of so-called mainstream economists are mistaking inflation for growth. They are not the same thing, yet these guys seem to be treating them as if they were.

    The PTB may have a great deal of money and power but we have numbers and the truth on our side. The poor bastards don’t have a chance in this fight and are completely unaware of that! Makes me smile when I think of what the banksters and Wall Streeters, who used to make millions every year, will do to survive when the dollar crashes and no one wants the “skills” that they have spent a life-time creating. Good on ’em, says I!

  • joe

    great website
    people dont get it
    even if you own a house outright inflation in other materials can out pace you being able to keep and pay taxes
    frank zak
    your point
    you see this is end game im sure of it .im old and i never seen anything like what is going on.this collapse will be something youll read about for as long as thiers history books.
    with that said anything real will be worth more than the worthlesss dollars you hold
    that being said who knows what the ultimate asset will be

    but i for one suggest gold silver food house anything no house i would buy lots of silver and rent to the collapse

    reflecting on the corruption and the delusion that it will last much longer
    as the german general said in ww2 fighting russia we a elephant will kill thousand tens of thousands of ants but the ants will overcome you and eat us to the bone .
    enjoy the show keep stacking

    sgt max keiser gerlad zero harvey organ prison planet drudge euro pac are must reads every day .thank you sgt would shake your hand if could .
    one day the collapse will be here . and past any many will say how did they not see it comin

    • Frank Zak

      Hi Joe,
      I have been a real estate broker 30 years
      here in Southern California. In Calif your
      property taxes are fixed at purchase and can only go
      up 1 % a year.

      Real estate is recorded in your name.
      It gets your money out of cash into a hard asset.
      Real estate goes up with inflation.
      You get title insurance.
      You can live in it, or rent it.
      Next to food, it is a primary need in life.
      Real estate prices are still low, although
      jumping up right now.

  • Nick

    Great interview — and good for you for stating — loudly and clearly — exactly what this hellish system we now live under is called: Fascism.

  • Jb

    Thanks for doing the interview, however it mostly followed the lines of what has been said many times before.

    In an effort to be constructive (not critical) allow me to highlight ways SGT, MilesFranklin and all associated with PMs can up their game.

    Don’t claim the USD is worthless. We all can go out today and buy gas,food,pay insurance, a vacation, even PMs …with those “worthless” dollars. You lose credibility when such sweeping claims are made. Likewise, try paying auto insurance or gas at 7/11 or for a basket of groceries with a PM coin.

    The message being broadcast is “get out of fiat and into PMs”. Only there’s no guideline as to what degree. Figures show that approximately 1% of net worth are currently allocated to PMs. So, does SGT or MilesFranklin say …. “bump that up to 20%, 50% 99%” …. No. The implicit message seems to be…. move 100% into PMs.
    (see my point #1 above and explain how one is to pay daily bills with PM coins).
    Morons …STOP being so one dimensional. You only hurt the PM cause by being so sophomoric.

    Also, be aware that governments can blindside you with unexpected actions. All the steps are in place for a complete totalitarian police state in the U.S. It would be within the gov power to eliminate paper dollars, stipulate a solely electronic currency and tax any PM transactions at 99% (even while they adopted Gold as a 40% backing for a new international currency.

    The Powers That Be don’t appear on the run just yet(or even on the ropes). Don’t in any way dismiss their powers. They’ve got their people embedded in government,media,law enforcement, judicial, military, intelligence agencies and throughout big business.

    • harman kardon

      Part of what you say is correct–the gub-ment can tax pm’s at 99%. Would you not use the black market to do business in that case? I believe most people would. Paper fiat is worthless and has been since August 15, 1971. If you go to the website for the Minnesota Federal Reserve they have a calculator to show you exactly how worthless your dollars have become since the inception of the Federal Reserve system instituted in 1913. Plug in $1 in 1913 dollars and calculate how many dollars in today’s dollars it will take in order to purchase $1 of goods or services–the answer $23.52. If you plug in the exchange rate for gold in 1913–$35/ounce you would be able to purchase $1584.00 in goods or services. I understand you say you can not use gold/silver for goods/services, however, if you live anywhere near a pawn shop, a “we buy gold” shop, flea market or coin dealer, you can exchange your gold/silver for currency in order to operate in today’s paradigm.
      I traded my 401k–100%–fiat dollars for silver and gold over the past year and a half. I still exchange fiat for real money. I will continue to exchange fiat for real money as long as I can. Then I will exchange real money–gold and silver–ONLY for items of real tangible value. As Mr. Holter stated “your boats and other toys purchased on credit (which is actually debt) will be confiscated by the actual owner–the bankster criminals that own the lien against “your” toy.
      The powers that–currently–be are not gods. You make them sound like they have some kind of super power. The people–the 310+million–once enough of them come out of the stooper they currently live will have the power to over-run the current den of vipers that are supposedly in charge. You make it sound like “We the People” are completely powerless–I am not powerless and neither are you. I have a brain that works–and seems like yours is working quiet nicely as well–and is exercised each and every day. That is one of the greatest weapons that “We the People” have against these occupiers. We need more people to awaken. We need more people to understand what is happening. The topics in this interview are shedding even more light on the criminals at HSBC, JPMorgan, the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve. With each passing day there is more and more information reaching more and more people explaining how this criminal cabal operates. If you stop people on the street some of them realize the water is fouled. They may not understand what the problem is, but they know something is seriously wrong.
      I say exchange, while you still can, as much of your paper fiat trash for real money. Yes, you need paper fiat trash–currently–to conduct day-to-day life, however,if you are not moving into real money–at whatever percentage fits your situation or comfort level–IMO, you will be left behind.

  • cal

    I cant stand blabber mouth hoffman.He is a new voice that only has negative comments on what others say,Egon,Turk,and Rickards.Never anything original.Ive been prepping before it became fashionable.Finished by the last time silver was $12.Home is not important,shelter is.What a joke.Its the #1 cost that prevents someone from buying silver.I will give you a clue when the collapse is going to take place,after we get a new Fed Chairman.

  • Howard T. Lewis IIi

    The U.S. is being attacked on many fronts and the nation’s cash and equity stolen for the ends of recolonization be The English Crown. Don’t give them anything!!! Take it all back or level something of theirs. Something big, royal, psychopathic and lard assed.

  • paris

    We need a gold/silver backed debit card.
    Dolars deposited into the account buy gold/silver.
    Dollars spent on goods sell gold/silver.
    We have the technology.

  • ChainMailArmor


    What is the number that gold or silver will trade at when no one is willing to sell their gold or silver for fiat currency?

    Man, thats a compelling question.

    I’ve said this before and it was touched on in this interview: You cannot figure out the true price of metals by using the current spot price. You have to use historical or some other form of data to attempt to calculate what the true price should be since price discovery has been completely manipulated.

    Great interview Sean, I always enjoy listening to Andy because he is able to articulate his thoughts into words so easily and is so well informed. I like Bill’s input as well on this one.

  • GOLD! Illuminazi Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove – Anthony J Hilder Robert Hammond 2 (LR2)

  • Supernatural

    Sorry guys–to dissent, but TPTB aren’t going to just fold. Yes, their Fiat money is corrupt. But victory over these oppressors, (and all oppressors) will only come through Almighty God’s final resolution,which is Jesus Christ, returning as He promised. We are at the threshold for this. What is so ironic is that so many of you who are awake to the schemes of the NWO are oblivious about Christ’s resurrection. And so many that are awake to Christ’s resurrection, are oblivious to the schemes of the NWO. Why don’t you all just WAKE UP. The United States is in scripture. Find her at Isaiah 18:1-7. A more complete tactical retreat one will not find.

  • ib12541

    debt is real – equity is opinion. keep stacking!

  • ryan

    HI ALL!

    Oh Yes, these criminal banks/institutions have done quite enough suffering for humanity. That’s for sure. We’ve been had and the jig is up tor these people.

    May I present you with this piece and please don’t just brush it off like you normally do. Take a moment and read it though to see if it resonates with your inner vision.

    Bless you all!

  • Gutner

    These criminal jewish banksters will lose control soon !

  • mark98z

    i have watched you “evolve” over these last 18 months or so…

    the SGT report has become a daily >>> GO-TO>>> site



  • Anon


    Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, could come up for a vote at any time! (House Vote Tomorrow, Weds., 7/25)

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