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The Strange Case of World Net Daily and the Obama Birth Certificate

[Ed. Note: We really dislike the headline and intro to this story which at first seems like a Daily Bell hit piece attacking WND. But the entire article is actually more balanced than that and worth the read.]

by The Daily Bell:

ARPAIO’S OBAMA PROBE FINDS ‘NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT’ … Hawaii found to be bogus birth-certificate factory … After determining earlier this year there is probable cause to suspect the document released by the White House as Barack Obama‘s birth certificate is a forgery, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said today he believes his Cold Case Posse’s investigation should be advanced to the federal government, based on further information released today at a press conference under way now in Phoenix that is being live-streamed by WND. – WND

Dominant Social Theme: Wow. A constitutional crisis … or not.

Free-Market Analysis: The big news is that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has claimed that the Obama birth certificate is a fake.

The fine print tells us that World Net Daily has pursued this story to an inexorable conclusion that President Barack Obama is not exactly whom he seems to be.

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2 comments to The Strange Case of World Net Daily and the Obama Birth Certificate

  • Frank

    I watched most of this. The remarkable (or the norm) thing that I found, is after the evidence was presented, the lame stream media did not question the facts. Instead, they quested the qualifications of the investigators. So, I guess, even the lame steam media cannot question the facts, so the facts must be true. Gotta’ love Joe!

  • Ed_B

    “Gotta’ love Joe!”

    Indeed! Too bad we can’t have him as US Attorney General. Now, THAT would be interesting.

    As to taking this to the federal level, that seems a hopeless effort. It should be pretty obvious to one and all that the current US JustUs Department will have zero interest in pursuing this. The courts might be willing to give this a hearing, if it ever gets that far, but that seems unlikely as well.

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