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“The mining shares have already bottomed” – David Morgan

from silverguru:

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2 comments to “The mining shares have already bottomed” – David Morgan

  • Frank Zak

    It always strikes me funny these people tell you
    fiat currencies are going to fail and recommend
    stock accounts.

    Remember M F Global and the other recent one ?

    Get out of all bank, stock and commodity accounts.
    Rehypothecation looms large.

    Hold only physical metal in your safe at home.

    You do not need a large safe. You can put weights
    in a smaller safe to weight it down.

  • Frank Zak

    Lets say you own GLD, or SLV, or Sprott
    in your stock account.

    Rehypothecation kicks in and fiat
    currencies are dead.

    You now own physical silver and gold right ?
    At least in Sprott you would (grin).

    Wrong. The Rothschilds now own your account.
    They now also own your bank accounts, which
    go through the City of London.

    They could also have shorted your stocks
    without you knowing it.

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