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The Attack On Chick-Fil-A Is An Attack On The Freedom Of Speech Of Every American

from End of the American Dream:

If you are an American, your freedom of speech is under attack. Over the past week, remarks made by Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy defending traditional marriage have sparked controversy all over the nation. Many Americans have expressed support for his remarks and many have expressed disdain for his remarks. And all of that is fine, because in the United States people are supposed to be able to express their opinions. But in Chicago, Boston and other U.S. cities, politicians are actually promising to keep any more Chick-fil-A stores from opening because their CEO does not support gay marriage, and that crosses the line. When politicians threaten to ban a business from their cities just because the CEO does not hold the “politically correct” position on a social issue that is an attack on the freedom of speech of every American. You see, the truth is that the enforcers of political correctness in America are very “tolerant” except when somebody disagrees with them. The politically correct control freaks that are trying to ban Chick-fil-A from their cities would try to ban Chick-fil-A from opening any more restaurants in the entire country if they had the power to do so. The goal of these politically correct control freaks is to intimidate. They want to end debate on these social issues by shutting down the free speech of the opposition. In the end, if America continues to go down this path it will end up looking just like many of the other totalitarian regimes throughout history where free speech has been banned.

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4 comments to The Attack On Chick-Fil-A Is An Attack On The Freedom Of Speech Of Every American

  • steelerdude

    Chick-Fil-Eh (canadian version…LOL) has asked to show their support by going in on August 1st and buying lunch or dinner….my wife and I will be supporting this.

  • J.A.Brown

    People are not upset due to what the CEO said – they are upset as they gave 2 million dollars to anti-gay groups who are supporting measures in Africa which would give the death penalty to homosexuals, then the CEO when asked about this said they were “Guilty as Charaged”. The idea of “well we are not discriminitory because we take anyone’s money” doesn’t hold up when your giving money to groups which support death of people due to a biological reason. Last time I checked wasn’t Jesus forgiving? Funny also that Chickens are another species which is known to practice homosexuality.

    • frank

      Correct me if I am wrong, but last time I checked, liberal organizations, business etablishments, etc proudly and openly gave “anyone’s money” to liberal causes like homosexuality, abortion etc.

      However, in the eyes of the now blooming reprobates of the world, any organization that does the opposite is targeted and villified. Thats fair and balanced right? I say more powerto chick fil and other like them. If you don’t like what they do or what they stand for, don’t spend your money there. We’ll see what establishments are left standing, and which ones will cry to the government for handouts cause they can’t compete.

      PS…Homosexuality has never and never will be proven to have a biological cause or origin. Nobody is born a homosexual…if the chemical balances of the brain change, they change because of behaviour…outside in, not inside out. Like stress gets you sick…living a high risk life makes you sick, changes chemical balances etc. (homos)

      I love how these anti-christs always bring up religion to excuse immoral behavior. Jesus, and the Bible are very clear…homosexuality is an abomination…read it. If you dont beleive, thats different, but if you do…you need to know what the bible says and why.

  • Glitter1

    Time for a little preaching;when three years ago one of Obama’s Cabinet told a group of High School students that when she needs inspiration she thinks of Mao, a communist revolutionary who subsequently murdered over 60 million chinese.Media Response: Nothing! This week we have a Negative Media Frenzy over a comment from a Christian CEO Family Owned Business who supports the Biblical definition of Marriage, one man/one woman.This litmus test tells just how far down the road to destruction the USA has traveled. Just a short fifty years ago the results would be the complete opposite.To have a card carrying communist in the President’s Cabinet would have been met with outrage and calls for impeachment.Instead we hear cheers of adoration.The sanctity of marriage was the accepted base underpinning principle of our strong stable society.Now we have the philosophy of Reprobates running roughshod over the land.Being bleatted from all directions from those political centers with Reprobates at the helm.It’s a sign of the times and portends to a great fall.

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