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Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

by Stephen Lendman,

Insurgents are enlisted, armed, funded, trained, and directed by Western and regional special forces.

They decide strategy, targets, and timing. Armies need leadership to operate effectively. So do killer gangs.

Special forces have tactical expertise. They’re directing Washington’s war on Syria. They plan and lead attacks and bombings.

Treimseh’s massacre was strategically timed. Questions about it remained unanswered. More on that below.

Coming when the Security Council considered harsher anti-Assad measures raises obvious red flags.

Why then is clear. At issue is pressuring Russia and China to bend. So far both countries hold firm. They oppose further sanctions and outside intervention.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov was clear, saying.

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3 comments to Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

  • Tony

    GLOBAL CONQUEST IS JEWRY’S ULTIMATE GOAL. In order to achieve this, international Jewry has taken control of banking, the press, the media, political institutions, academics, and the Military/Industrial complex.

    Jewry’s scheme for world domination has been carefully laid out in its manifesto, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. According to the renown scholar, Dr Henry Makow, “The Protocols is the New World Order’s blueprint – the Illuminati’s master plan.”
    “Jewry’s goal,” Dr Makow (Jewish) continues, “is to overthrow Western Civilization through the destruction of its four pillars: I. Family II. Nation/Race III. Religion IV. Democracy. Dr Makow has also proven that The Protocols is a genuine document and not a forgery. View Entire Story Here & Here.

    Much of The Protocol’s agenda of destruction is taking place right before our very eyes: Manipulation of the economy through banking monopolies; Manipulation of the educational system through falsifications of historical events; Manipulation of the general culture through undermining Christian morality; Manipulation of political systems through bribery and funding of selected political candidates; & Manipulation of social venues through crisis-events leading to suspension of civil liberties.

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