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Portion Sizes in Restaurants Quadruple Since 1950s

by Mike Barrett, Activist Post

It seems that while obesity rates have risen over the decades, so have portion sizes – not a particularly surprising connection. In fact, an incredibly alarming infographic helps to show that not only have meal sizes increased in size over the decades, but restaurant portion sizes have quadrupled since the 1950s.

Could this be the reason for the ballooning obesity epidemic? The infographic created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that hamburgers and french fry meals have tripled in size over the decades, while a cup of fountain soda is a whopping 6 times larger today than it used to be. A 2.4oz portion of french fries has grown to 6.7oz; hamburgers from 3.9oz to 12oz; and soda from 7oz to 42oz.

What may be even worse is that accompanied by this massive increase in portion sizes is the heavy use of harmful and toxic ingredients.

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4 comments to Portion Sizes in Restaurants Quadruple Since 1950s

  • Bobby

    The real secret to keeping the weight off is elimination of sweets! Stop with the sweet drinks and desserts and the weight melts away…

    • Ethan

      Not just sweets, carbohydrates too!

      Read e.g. the book “Wheat Belly” by cardiologist Davis. Wheat modifies your appetite, causing you to eat 15% more than really needed. Also the fact that wheat causes your blood sugar to spike more than an average candy bar..

      Related I can really recommend:

      Book: Primal Mind, Primal Body by Nora Gedgaudas

      And the website:

  • dishesdealer417

    People in the past were much smaller. While we do have an obesity problem in this country largely due to being lazy butts who will drive a block rather than walk it, people now are much taller & larger overall due to better nutrition, clean water & hygiene.

    I’ve seen a lot of WWI uniforms and old clothes and these people in the past were tiny little people. I’m taller than most of the males were and I’m only 5′ 5″.

  • StormJackal

    People have become disgustingly lazy and developed bad habits of indulging in sweets, fried foods or just out right eating too much. I try to avoid sugary drinks\foods as much as I can. Instead of using sugar I’ll use honey which has a higher nutritional value.

    If you’re going out to eat. Take left overs home if you’re full. Cook for yourself. Make red beans and rice. Eat vegetables: brocolli, spinach, celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts and avocados. Eat fruit: Bananas, tomatoes, apples, apricots, raisins, pears, plums and oranges.

    Supplement with vitamins\minerals you’re lacking. Many men lack magnesium, calcium zinc and essential fatty acids. Supplement with fish oil or Flaxseed oil.

    Eat lean protein like mussels.

    Get exercise through sprinting and lifting as much weight as you can. Build up your metabolism. Build up your testosterone levels and you will feel better.

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