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Oligarchy in the USSA

By Edwin Tucker, Dollar Vigilante:

The US is a great place to be an oligarch. You are permitted to steal with impunity from people who are too brain dead to notice they are being robbed. Additionally, in the US it is inexpensive to gain oligarch status. In other societies you have to fight your way to the top and vigorously defend your power. In the US it only takes a few hundred thousand dollars in campaign donations to buy immunity. Let’s take a look at the differences in treatment between an oligarch and a common citizen when committing crimes.

At the end of 2011, these two men held up a gas station in Arlington, VA. They stole some cigarettes and the register cash, putting the value of the total haul at a few hundred dollars. These two were swiftly apprehended and a trial date was set. The jury was not sympathetic as the sentencing shows. The two will have 24 years between them in prison to think about their actions.

In this case, the US justice system appears swift and thorough. The real problem for these two guys is they didn’t think big enough. In the US, a small crime gets you a big punishment while a massive crime gets you a book deal.

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