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Occupy protesters take on Bohemian Grove

from RTAmerica:

2,000 of the world’s most rich and powerful take a yearly voyage to the Bohemian Grove, a secluded camp out in the redwoods of Monte Rio, CA. With little to no media coverage of this elite pow wow, RT correspondent Abby Martin set out to cover the event herself. There, activists, protesters and grove attendees elucidate the dangers of power players colluding behind closed doors and how it affects the rest of humanity.

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3 comments to Occupy protesters take on Bohemian Grove

  • jerry

    so its a private event no more different than any country club, the rich are the rich it is what it is. say like a nudest camp no media or gawkers allowed there i can give them this much. there are more pressing issues with this group though . They make policy every day whether its done here or there . i think the alternate media could find a lot better use of their time

  • Tony

    I think the world should know the connection between the elite and satanic rituals, perhaps people will realize that we are in a spiritual battle & join the side of good.

  • AgShaman

    Politicos have been thumbing their noses at the Logan Act for longer than I’ve been alive.

    It’s a treasonous offense that should be punishable by death…and yet never even gets touched upon.

    Like the Bilderberg events….criminality is taking place at high levels…and the participants are global.

    These players pulling the strings behind the scenes need to have a couple secret get togethers to find out the ‘nature’ and ‘conditions’ within their ranks (ie. whom is still “onboard” with plans, which players are fresh in the game and need to be implicated and drawn into the fold via creepy and deviant behavior that becomes their “Crossing the Rubicon” moment, cutting side deals and tweaking exclusionary private ventures beneficial to a ‘clique’.

    This is where nefarious parasites go to “let their hair down”….and “re-charge” their batteries, so to speak.

    Their putrid NWO stench could probably be detected for many miles.

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