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MUST HEAR: ‘We’re About to Have the Most Devastating COLLAPSE in World History’

Greetings friends. This is a MUST LISTEN interview with Harley Schlanger the national spokesman for the LaRouche Organization. I’ve been wanting to interview the LaRouche folks because LaRouchePAC is taking courageous positions based in truth, speaking out against the fascist nature of our criminal government and trying hard to present immediate solutions.

Harley says “Obama MUST be impeached NOW… An interlocking Board of Directors controls EVERY cartel; Banking, Oil, Strategic metals, Grains, and so on. Right now even the Rothschilds are being bailed out… The whole Trans Atlantic financial system is more bankrupt now than it was when Lehman collapsed in 2008. In Part 2 Harley says, “We are about to have the most devastating collapse in world history, of the whole global financial system… If we don’t do something to stop this, we’re going to lose EVERYTHING. We’re going to have either hyperinflation or an implosion of the banking system which will reduce the value of the Euro and the Dollar to nothing.” If you close your eyes, you’d swear Harley was a Libertarian.

  Part 1: ‘This is WHY We Fought the REVOLUTION”

  Part 2: ‘We’re About to Have the Most Devastating COLLAPSE in World History’
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58 comments to MUST HEAR: ‘We’re About to Have the Most Devastating COLLAPSE in World History’

  • Dorrogeray

    Thanks for doing this interview, I greatly, truly appreciate it. Also remember that libertarianism (altho i symphathize with this ideology greatly in general) is meant to be part of the paradigm. They want to hijack what it is all about and use it as a shield while they crack down on little people with austerity and slowly kill them off. Every single person that is a libertartian should be asking himself following reality-checking question every day: “If I embrace (or refuse to embrace) this and that, am I in fact enabling a genocide to be carried out against my own people? Does my vision include a soft enough transiotion plan, starting at the top and propagating through the pyramid system down, hitting the little people as the last ones?”

    Because if you dont, you are no better than them. Just warning everyone, do not let the theory and ideology blind you from reality of the situation.

    I have found that libertarians tend to have dangerous blind spots, almost calling for being hijacked and used as a tools. Like the idiotic (pardon my language) idea that ALL regulations are implicitly evil – while that may be correct in something like 95% of them, it is complete nonsense statement in general. And I just cant ram this through to my libertarian friend. It took me entire afternoon untill he finally sort of resigned and admited, that maybe, just maybe the Glass-Steagall is not the Humanity enemy #1.

    Its still pretty evil regulation tho. /sarc

    • scott LZ

      I shared your values until I came across the non-aggression principal (basically the golden rule). Because the state violates this principal (ie. it steals your property to do things that you do not support or agree with via taxes) I cannot support it’s legitimacy. Is it right to steal from someone to achieve your ends? I cannot speak for anyone other then myself, and from my point of view, regulations are merely a representation of the state and 100% of the time are designed to support corporate interest no our own.

  • Frank Zak

    Best interview I have ever heard in my life.
    Finally the name Rothschilds comes out.

    Rothschilds are Freemasons (as are British Royalty).
    (By chance David Icke is an expert on the Rothschilds
    and Zionists.) Zionists are often confused with the Jews.
    It’s not true. Two different animals. Often the Jews protest
    the Zionists. The Zionists control their tiny nation
    because they have the backing of the Rothschilds.

    Fair Trade would be great, instead of free trade.

    The Euro and the dollar must fall against the
    Asian currencies.

    • Tony

      Rothschild funded Herzl=Israel=Zionism
      35 of 38 in Obama administration Dual Israeli citizens
      NeoCon=Irving Krystal=Project for a New American Century (non-Jewish minions)
      Jewish Elite Control, Banking,Academia Media,Hollywood, Music Industry, Government, Medical, Pharmaceutical, etc, etc
      These are facts & indisputable yet LaRouche says British Monarchy & Vatican control the Western World.


      PS-The Queen of England has to bow when she enters the City of London.

  • Tony

    Great Interview SGT,I have mixed feelings on LaRouche, but i do have an open mind & respect for the guest.

  • dishesdealer417

    He seems reasonable enough. I am a libertarian and if we are going to have governments then we do need some laws to keep the most rapacious greedmonsters from taking over.

  • Frank



  • Kimo

    Mahalo for the work Sean! Great Interview. Very interesting to hear and especially about Ron Paul. However, no one is perfect and Dr. Paul is still the best candidate for The American People. Especially those who are awake!

    • SGT

      Thanks team! As you know, I sure appreciate everyone’s comments, the active interaction of all of you guys on this site is very cool, makes it all worth while to me. Spent a bit too much time at the machine this weekend maintaining the site and getting this interview ready. Thanks again for your support.

      • Frank Zak

        I am convinced the USA and Europe must devalue
        their currencies by 25% if we are to survive.

        The cheap labor in Asia will kill us otherwise.

        It should be devalued at the same time.

  • Bud

    Here is mY take, as a fat old guy that sits on a porch a lot. LaRouche has some good ideas. He has a small but faithful following. Not supporting the Ron Paul organization because of Glass-Stiegel? Really? Both organizations realize it will take a revolution. Is LaRouche so invested in his ideas that he can’t support someone that has the same end ( means to an end)? Different means that result to the same end would seem acceptable and should seem that way. I fear it is ego that drives the “It must be this way which is my way” ideology. WAKE UP!

  • dishesdealer417

    I don’t think that restoring glass-steagall at this point will save us. I think it is too far gone. It is a great idea but this economy is teetering on the brink of collapse and our civil rights under the constitution have already been stripped away. If you don’t have guns & food now I’m afraid there isn’t much else that is going to help. I’d to believe it could still be fixed, but there isn’t he political will in the corrupt politicians or enought interest from the brain dead masses.

    • ChainMailArmor

      Well said. I agree.

    • GoodOleBoy

      LaRouche himself made the statement that Glass Steagall will by itself will not fix the system but it will stop the bailouts and bets with depositors money (if enforced, if not it would give people a legal basis to pursue banks in civil court). They have two other plans that they want to implement with Glass Steagall, one is NWAPA and the other is a national bank. NWAPA is a program to rebuild different infrastructure like repair our water system (the crops are being destroyed by drought) that would put 6-8 million people to work. Big thing with Ron Paul and LaRouche is the monetary system. The thing is with the gold standard your economy is limited in growth by the amount of metal available and we have the capacity to advance and grow much faster than the supply of gold. Second is the fact that with a gold standard he who has the gold makes the rules and the bankers hold a majority of the gold. With the credit system (with a responsible government and population) the people have control over money and its cost (no interest debt on taxpayers) and no usury interest on loans to the public to make a profit. But this also gives you the ability to finance large projects that benefit everyone, like space exploration and agricultural projects. Go check out the videos on it and make up your own mind.

      Great interview. If we could combine the support of liberty and Ron Paul with the organization, intelligence, and well developed plans of the LaRouche Pac, it would be a game changer. I would like to see them meet and talk. LaRouche is no slouch and we all would be wise to listen to what he has to say. One of your best interviews Sean, you asked some good questions.

      • dishesdealer417

        when you say having a gold backed currency doesn’t allow for the money supply to grow aren’t you just saying that you/they want a money system based on nothing or partially on nothing like now? Why would you trust governments to be responsible with other people’s (taxpayer’s) money when the history of every single fiat money ever issued has gone bust due to out of control printing?

        This is exactly why we need a real money system where dollars are only issued when they have something of real value behind them. Because when you don’t, you end up exactly like we are now. With valueless pieces of paper that those in control can print up endlessly and destroy savers and whole economies. This is why I advocate doing away with fake paper money of all kind and going back to he constitution which clearly states gold & silver coinage will be money. Because they knew you can’t trust governments with money.

        • GoodOleBoy

          It would still be fiat but the national banks didn’t go bust because of printing. The British ruled the world under a good standard and possible killed 2 presidents for trying to do what LaRouche is suggesting. If books are open to public scrutiny it would be harder to do what the Fed is doing, plus without a national bank, with or without a gold standard, you have a ponzi scheme. If the Fed loans out a dollar and you owe that dollar plus interest, where will the money to pay the interest with? Borrowed from the Fed, and so on. Plus you force taxes on the people to pay the cost of money. I think gold and silver circulating alongside any currency, as a monetary metal and not taxed as such, would help keep the bank in check. The Fed has expanded the monetary base by trillions and we haven’t had hyperinflation yet. Think if all that money went to building infrastructure instead of to cover banks derivative bets. Charlamagne used a similar system under which Europe thrived. The history on the subject is corrupted because it takes the power away from the bankers. This a healthy debate and one we need to have to decide what direction we want to take as a nation. Side note, Hitler used a similar system to build his grand army before the start is WW2

          • dishesdealer417

            when you put governments in charge of infrastructure building then you get what the elite want built by THEIR companies or you get boondoggles like the “bridge to nowhere”.

            If the government got out of the way, then infrastructure would get built that people actually wanted and were willing to pay for locally. Like say a local community really did need and want a bridge to shorten the distance that many of them traveled. Why do people think that only governments can build a bridge? If people really wanted it and were willing to put THEIR OWN money behind it they could form a company and get people to buy shares. They would have to see if there would be enough traffic to make it worthwhile to put THEIR OWN MONEY in it.

            When people are spending money they perceive as being other people’s money then they are a lot more reckless about how they spend it.

  • snowmover

    Exactly–Harley is a dreamer who sounds like he’s advocating kicking the can down the road even further.
    “if we don’t get Glass-Steagall back there will be hyperinflation or an implosion of the banking system.
    Do you honestly think everythings gonna be allright ?– Even Bob Marley would gag at this one

    • SGT

      snow, …please re-listen to the entire 2-part interview. Because that’s not what Harley is saying at all. I don’t think many folks appreciate how BAD this is going to get and how close we are to the precipice. Harley is saying the only chance we have at preserving any sense of normalcy (life as you and I know it right now; food in stores, gas in the pumps, etc) is to STOP the Bankster casino immediately – this is made very clear in the interview. If we do NOT stop the Bankster casino immediately (by restoring Glass-Steagall) we will most assuredly go over the bad side of the precipice which will make the 2008 crisis look like a walk in Central Park (albeit after dark).

    • Frank Zak

      Harley is correct. Our bank account money travels through
      the City of London, a country in England owned by Rothschilds.
      Our bank accounts are subordinated to the derivitives
      of our banks. The FDIC has little money.

      If banks lose, we lose our bank accounts. Don’t
      keep your money in banks. Use your mattress.

  • mangomuffin2

    I am new to your site, but I just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful interview. It was very informative and encouraging.

  • klare

    Agreed!!Obama Impeach !!NOW!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • klare


    • Dorrogeray

      And nobody is bashing him for that. The problem is that he is not going for Glass-Steagall reinstatement now, when it is of the utmost importance.

    • SGT

      Yes, I pointed that out in the interview, thanks for the link though. Harley is correct however on Dr. Paul not supporting the reimplementation of Glass-Steagall, and agree with Harley in that I wish Dr. Paul would support it.

  • reflector

    great interview, SGT! kudos!

    glad i listened to your advice and kept an open mind, i hadn’t given the larouche platform a listen before but what they are saying is very reasonable and credible.

  • dana

    I appreciate the interview – I learned a few things and have a better understanding of Larouche’s ideas.

    There are people that are too stupid and lazy for words and I cannot participate in a culture that allows their children to pay the price for that unwillingness or inability to be responsible citizens – hence my reluctance to claim the Libertarian label. Regulations are needed – the fewer the better – but “some” are needed. So we developed a Democratic Republic to decide – as a group – which regulations are best suited for the pursuit of happiness for the American people at a given time.

    But those with power (money/influence) – and a desire for Empire – have conspired to deny constitutional rights to those they can control. They have usurped the regulation deciding process by throwing money and influence at politicians, at the calculated dumbing down of our culture, at maintaining the false left/right paradigm – they have the skills of manipulation and we have been manipulated back to debt servitude.

    This interview re-emphasized to me how important it is to keep the focus on the banks (& corporations) and their monopoly “empire-like” control on wealth and resources.

  • Neil

    Hey SGT, great interview! Mr. LaRouche is very reminiscent of the late, great Bob Chapman. He’s from a different era, different way. He’s got morality, strength and honor. These men are a dying breed, sadly. If we had more of them, I can honestly say that we can get out of this mess safely. But?!!!
    Anyway, great job. I like your work brother. You know, for over a year now I’ve been trying to find out why Lyndon LaRouche doesn’t like/support Ron Paul? And now I know, thanks! Hey, sticking to this topic, did you ever hear LaRouche’s (past) thoughts on Rand Paul? He hates the guy with a passion. He said that Rand is a fascist. we shall soon see, huh. Take care.

  • John Adams

    Harley Schlanger and the Rothschild having attended the same synagogues… and aren’t they related?

    Harley’s is Ashkenazi from Germanic Decent. He is related to the bankers. Go research.

    For the poster above, Freemasonry is Jewish Kabbalah Doctrine not Zionist, it has been around for a very long time and is Kabbalah.

    • Tony

      Good points John,
      In my humble opinion LaRouche is a Rothschild stooge AKA Controlled opposition. He & his organization are a firewall, Many in his organization are unaware of the deception. They like many others in alternative media & politics support the status quo by diverting us from the real culprits (JFK tried to warn us) as did McCarthy, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, They are all discredited or by the Zionist owned media. When a planned collapse occurs sheeple will blame the wrong culprits(divide & conquer) then the same elitists will come in with a solution. NWO…. SIMPLE

      • John Adams

        Tony you have your eye on the ball.
        The misinformation we get fed on a daily basis is astonishing from both the mainstream and the fake controlled opposition. Why can’t others see it is beyond me… either they’re controlled opposition or wilfully ignorant.

  • wim

    Hey SGT, read your postings a lot, but tell me, every single day during the last years there are postings predicting the end of the (financial) world within weeks.
    If you keep posting them for years to come maybe some day you will be right.

    • GoodOleBoy

      The end has come and gone, it just depends on how long it takes for people to realize its dead. People like SGT are providing a play by play of the downfall of the western financial system and offering different ideas on protecting yourself. If you believe all is well and the current system will live on, why even listen to interviews like this and instead go on living your life normally. Past 4 years they have created over 30 trillion dollars and the banks are still insolvent, we have 20% unemployment in many parts of Europe with 50% youth unemployment and close to 15% unemployment in the US. Combine that with rising costs, stagnant wages, and exploding sovereign debt. It will work until it doesn’t. When your neighbor loses his job it’s a recession when you lose your job it’s depression.

  • Nathan

    I see alot of value in what the LPAC group is saying…but this seems to be the disconnect/divide between the two groups:

    I’m a total free market man, and believe the market should self-regulate, but it HASN’T, CAN’T, and WON’T until the Federal Reserve is gone.

    I agree that we need some sort of Glass Steagall in place ONLY because the moral hazard of banker speculation gone wild is there, and it’s ONLY there because there is a Fed.

    If there wasn’t a Fed, we wouldn’t need any such law, because with all hazards removed, the market would then largely regulate itself.

    So, a half-way compromise between the two sides might be this: bring back Glass Steagall until such time as the hazardous Fed is gone. Then retire Glass Steagall with honors.

    P.S.-A few quick observations on differences that I see: I feel there is no way to stave off the crash, though I admire him for his optimism. Implementing Glass Steagall at this point would allow the bad guys to blame it for the crash(instead of their own cancerous greed). 2ndly, the Fed has NOT been given a full, independent, public audit. Even the partial audit nearly ended their reign of terror, with the bailout truths it exposed. A full-on audit would end them forever…thereby negating the need for Glass Steagall in the first place.

    • GoodOleBoy

      See my earlier post about NWAPA and larouches oth plans to implement with Glass Steagall. I used to feel the same about banking regulation but I changed my opinion. Banks are unique and in my opinion should operate as a utility and not as a for profit organization. And be regulated as such. With our system now, a bank creates the money out of nothing and loans it out on a home. If you don’t pay them, they take your home which they have no real claim to. Unlike the homeowner who worked and received for his labor. This is usury. Money should be used to facilitate trade not for corporations to profit and control the world. I understand the free market way of thinking but that should not apply to all areas, I.e. nuclear power. The constitution says congress has the power to coin money and determine the value thereof, not that the value should be decided on the open market.

  • Frisby

    Your Best interview ever, Thank You, Love your website, It is my first morning click!

    • SGT

      Thanks to all of you for taking the time to watch and to comment! I’m away on travel for the last two days so hard to log in and comment from this end – but I do want to thank all of you for your intelligent discussion, kind commentary and support. We really are all in this terrible worldwide financial mess together, like it or not. 🙂

  • AJW

    I disagree with this guy slightly.

    I think that the financial system is a total ponzi and will collapse no matter what. Implementing glass-steigal (although necessary) would collapse the ponzi even faster.

    The ponzi must grow or die.

    The best thing we can do now is educate the masses like Ron Paul is doing so that when the ponze collapses we will know who to hold responsible and how to create/return to a better system.

    If I was a banker I would collapse the ponzi ASAP before even more people wake up

  • dana

    Obama Declares National Emergency (Powers) In Latest Executive Order

    Is this true and if so wtf does it imply?

    • GoodOleBoy

      Nothing until action is taken. They can write any law they want and make any decree they want but it means nothing until action is taken or a law is enforced. That is not to say we shouldn’t fight it.

  • Krow

    Most excellent interview Sean……so glad you have gone down this LaRouche rabbit hole, as we have found quite a treasure of truth, freedom, and well-laid plans already constructed by the LaRouche people. I agree with your suggestion of bringing Ron Paul and LaRouche together to iron out the minute differences to strengthen this freedom movement against the banksters and elites.

    I was unaware that Ron Paul did not support Glass-Stegal, and that this was almost the only wedge between LaRouche and Ron Paul.

    My only concern is that any type of Glass-Stegal ratification by Congress would most certainly have a grace period of 5 or 10 years to give the criminal banksters time to de-leverage and cover their treasonous trails……and at tax-payer expense. We need Glass Stegal yesterday, not in 5 or 19 years.

    Kaaaaaaaa-Kaaaaaaaaa!, saith the Krow.

  • John

    I would conclude that a systems has been setup with it’s roots in British hegemony. It used to be said that the sun never sets on the British empire, but the only part of that empire that exists today is western dominated financial system. The system now appears to have a life of it’s own and does not seem to have any central control. The system has become the monster that benefits the few in controlling positions, while making slaves of the rest of us. I believe that the people in control, think they are actually doing the world good, only because they know no other system, and when you’re rich and powerful in these positions you don’t want the party to end. It is the only party in town and it’s self perpetuating.

  • wauhoo

    Sean, you are a national treasure. Keep doing what you are doing. Your ability to bring disparete groups to the table and find commonality is a treat. I find myself scratching my head, though, when someone says that they agree with ending wars, eliminating the Fed, but oh boy if the oppose Glass-Steagall, nope, can’t support them. Single issue reasoning is poisonous.

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’m curious to see how the nullification of Obamagod care by governors is going to play out.

    I said last week & I’ll say it again… Glass-Steagall is NOT going to be reinstated. The massive world debt is incapable of being paid off and the governments are bankrupt. The banking industry will collapse… it’s inevitable at this point. I used to think that it was going to be a slow crash with a hard landing over the next five years. However, my timeline has been shortened to two years max and a fast crash & burn on impact. The political finger pointing is entertaining to watch knowing that they are all corrupt & to blame.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Dissident Thinker

    There is something I find disturbing about the Larouche group. I spoke to Larouche street activists here in Canada recently and they exhibit all the hallmarks of a religious cult. I’ve been pondering this for a while.

    Of course, their god is Glass-Steagall, which was basically their main point of sale. While chatting, as soon as I mentioned silver, the guy rolled his eyes. Nothing mattered to him but Glass-Steagall. I insisted, but what if we can’t get Glass-Steagall, I need a backup plan. Or in the meantime, I need a backup plan, at least I’ll be protected from inflation. He said it wouldn’t matter. I said Germany. He said that was one country. I said what about Argentina, Mexico, etc. He asked if I thought that would really benefit people? Well, did it help the few in the aforementioned nations who held silver or gold? I find there to be a lack of an open mind by some of these guys as they hold on zealously in cult-like fashion to their key doctrines.

    It also was something they never quite mentioned in the Jones and SGT interviews, of how all of their solutions could PRACTICALLY or LOGISTICALLY be put into place. I just don’t see it happening, call me a pessimist in this sense. In the meantime, I’ll keep on stacking to his dismay.

    • dishesdealer417

      I think the Larouche people are interesting and I think the liberty movement should be a large umbrella that holds people of differing opinions as long as they want the federal reserve gone and banksters/politicians of all types, parties, religions etc. held legally responsible.

      They can be against silver if they want, it doesn’t change my mind about protecting myself. They seem to want fiat currency that is better regulated but it is still just fake fiat to me. I want real money with no counterparty risk.

  • messianicdruid

    Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee, JUBILEE!

    It doesn’t matter how many times you say it. It only matters how many time they hear.

    { good stuff Sean }

  • C.I.

    This is getting SO tired?

  • HS

    Sean, just to let you know that I enjoy your news. I check this site very often (few times a day) as well as drudgereport.

  • Ed_B

    “Harley says “Obama MUST be impeached NOW…”

    A delicious thought, I must admit. But since Obama has the US Senate in his pocket, they will NEVER vote to convict him. Hell, they can’t even come up with an annual budget, as REQUIRED BY LAW. What part of REQUIRED BY LAW do they not get? OK, yes, they do get it, they just do not care and there is no one who can make them do anything they do not want to do. Their problem is that we know who they are and when the 2012 election arrives, they will either rig the election OR they will be kicked out of office. If the election is rigged, the time for polite political discourse is over.

  • Anon Patriot

    It’s July 4th, 2012 – Do YOU KNOW what time it is?
    (It’s time to pass H.R. 459, and AUDIT THE ‘FED’!)

  • acjitsu

    The reason Ron Paul is not for implementing Glass-Steagal Act is because that won’t fix the issue. Getting rid of Fractional Reserve Banking is THE problem and letting the market work to determine sound money and a healthy banking system is THE answer.

  • Fernao de Magalhaes

    SGT: Great interview… A lot of great stuff that has confirmed what I have found via other research. I did notice that your guest does still look at things through the left-right paradigm.

  • joe

    buy gold before your holding the bag of dollars worth sheet

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