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LaRouchePAC NAWAPA XXI – Feature

[Ed. Note: Our current and future energy, employment, water and food production issues are real. Here’s a video produced for key governmental decision makers presenting one possible, very bold real-world solution. What’s your take?]

from laroucheyouth:

This is the executive in-depth 30 minute tour of NAWAPA XXI, produced for water specialists, farmers, policy makers, and others who will be able to put their weight behind this life-like vision of the future.

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6 comments to LaRouchePAC NAWAPA XXI – Feature

  • Stacker

    The scope of this project would take decades. They are talking about building a dozen or more damns 30% bigger than Hoover dam in some of the most remote wilderness on the planet with an average construction season of 6 months per year at most. The cost would run into the 10s of trilions. Fantasy land

    • GoodOleBoy

      The whole idea behind this is bold but why is fantasy? Nothing worth doing is easy and the economic benefit would outway the cost. If the Fed can hand out almost $20 trillion dollars that disappears into the black hole of derivatives, why can’t we instead put that sum of money into something that will employ millions and increase food production for a growing population. Why not reach for the stars? Nothing is beyond our reach now and along the way there will be advancements that will accelerate the process. Imagine where we would be if research and development was aimed towards energy and agriculture instead of the war machine. This the direction we must take if we want to evolve as a species. The political will is forming, slowly but surely, to change the path we are headed down. Just look at all the truth being said on the hill as compared to last year. Even now we are seeing the propaganda MSM talk about Glass Steagall. The CEO of CNN is resigning. Word is getting out, it is up to us to make the change. Greatness is in doing what others said can’t be done.

      • Stacker

        It’s not about reaching for a goal. It’s about reaching for obtainable goals. You truly don’t understans the shear impossibility of the logistics of building something like this 2000 miles from anywhere in some of the most rugged terrain on the planet. I have some experience in large construction projects, and what they propose would take 100 years to complete, at least …. i.e. – fantasy land, it’s not realistically achievable solution. It,s a nice dream, but it’s like saying we,re going to build a moon colony. Sounds nice and is theoretically possible but beyond insanely impractical to execute

  • mouse

    The devastation of the ecosystem would be immense. As in China, people never address what happens with the downstream regions which are suddenly stripped off of a substantial part of water, or the oceans which are stripped off of nutrients. The dams are so huge that the cleaning of the basins from considerable slick and debris (due to high mountains abrasion) would be technically next to impossible.

    In other words, you build this project, and it is meant to function for some decades. After that, you have to write it off as it ceases to function. Then you have destroyed a wonderful ecosystem, just to temporarely feed an overpopulation that didn’t want to leave a portion of the planet which is hostile to high population densities.

    LAPAC is another unsustainable collectivist approach, I don’t like them. I like Chris Duanes approach: localization, sustainability and responsibility on the local level. As he says: there are only two sorts of people, those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave you alone. Decide yourself into what camp LAPAC belongs. Collectivists don’t create value, they only invent Ponzi schemes. Once the Ponzi scheme breaks down, the collective is poorer than in the beginning.

  • Hman

    This is one of the best ideas to save the economy instead of perpetual wars. But the makers of agenda 21 enjoy killing more than this.

  • Glitter1

    It all appears good and logocal for a long term grandiose plan for prosperity, however, when you have a UN World Government Plan of Sustanable Development (Agenda 21),population suppression (Culling) and actual Re-wilding, this plan would be dead on arrival.The long term plan and goal of the Masters Of The Universe is not only to squash development for the support of larger populations, but reduce development to sustain lower population targets (see Georgia Guide Stones).Besides all that, the Council On Foreign Relations has partnered with “La Raza”(RACE)who’s goal is to take back the entire SouthWeast for Mexico. So why bother with a project to irrigate the SW only to give it away, oh, like the Panama Canal!

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