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LaRouche & SGTreport Bring Glass-Steagall Reinstatement to Dr. Paul’s Attention, Not Much Time Left to Save America

by SGT,

The goal of this website has always been to bring people from all walks of life together, both the Left and the Right aligned against our common enemy, the criminals who literally rule the world – specifically the world’s financial elite – the Banksters. As we’ve said for quite some time now, at this point it’s humanity Vs. the Banksters.

So with that in mind, I’m very pleased to be able to share this e-mail I received from my friend Michele, a former staunch Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, who has since woken up to the cause of Liberty. I interviewed Michele several weeks ago, listen here. Michele is also a close friend of Harley Schlanger, a brilliant historian and spokesman for the LaRouche organization. I interviewed Harley in early July, here’s the link. The reason I’ve been following the information coming out of the LaRouche organization is because LPAC is presenting real solutions, and most of what they are saying sounds an awful lot like the things Ron Paul says: End the FED, hold Obama accountable for his crimes against the Constitution, etc. So during my interview with Harley I asked him why LPAC isn’t supporting Ron Paul – imagine how powerful we would be if we were all on the same page, aligned against the Banksters, working together. Harley explained that they key issue for LPAC was that Dr. Paul doesn’t currently support the reimplementation of Glass-Steagall (although Dr. Paul did vote against its repeal originally). But Harley added, if Dr. Paul were to reconsider that position and support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, LPAC would consider supporting Dr. Paul.

So, back to the e-mail Harley sent to Michele yesterday, which I have been given permission to post here. It reminds me of another thing I say a lot because it’s absolutely true: We’re all in this Bankster-caused mess, together.

Michele — here is a letter we are sending out to delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Yes, they are all “Obama delegates,” but from the first calls we have made to DNC delegates and a couple “super” delegates, we are finding a real softness, lots of concern about not just the election, but the direction of the nation. The only way something like this can work is if we can get a break-through over the next couple weeks, on the LIBOR and HSBC scandals, to the effect that some Dems decided to push ahead with Glass Steagall, which will cause Obama to threaten to veto it.

If you saw the hearings today, Glass Steagall came up repeatedly. I have 40 young activists storming the Congress, every day this week and next, talking to everyone. Many admit they have been following what we have been doing with Glass Steagall. And get this: Ron Paul’s office said they have been deluged with inquiries about Glass Steagall for the last three weeks, with some of the callers bringing up the SGT Report. Ron Paul himself, on Bloomberg today, said he is looking closely at Glass Steagall, to see if it will stop the bailouts!

Hope you’re doing well. I’ll be back in the U.S. next week.

Here is the link to our letter.


So there you have it. I want to thank Harley and the LaRouche organization for everything they are doing to restore Liberty in America and to put an end to the Bankster looting. And I want to thank Dr. Paul for everything he has done over his DECADES of Constitutional service to our country. Let’s reimplement Glass-Steagall, impeach Obama and arrest the Banksters!

WE the people really do have the power. WE the people really can implement real, lasting constitutional change. And WE the people are making a difference. I want to thank each and every one of YOU for supporting this website. Thank YOU for spreading the word. And thank YOU for choosing to be an active player in our own history.

It’s time to take our country back.

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2 comments to LaRouche & SGTreport Bring Glass-Steagall Reinstatement to Dr. Paul’s Attention, Not Much Time Left to Save America

  • GoodOleBoy

    I hope people on the his start checking SGTReport daily and I wonder how many already are. I like this direction, while there might be a difference of opinion on the particulars, we have a bigger issues to tackle before debating the smaller ones.

    Ron Paul would catch heat from main line republicans for partnering with a “left” organization but it would be a step into ending the false left/right paradigm. That ties into Ron being the only republican that any democrats would vote for. Why not get rid of Obama and let Paul run as a democrat, lol.

    One thing is for sure, it is going to take more than one faction to take down this repressive oligarchy. I know some people take issue with LaRouche (they are a little big headed at times) but they do have real solutions that would work. And like Ron Paul I support Austrian free market economics but the years have taught us that banking must be regulated. Why can we not have a national bank with interest free money and gold and silver circulated as a competing currency? Let the people decide.

  • Krow

    Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Kaaaaaaaaaaaa!, saith the Krow.

    Great job bringing the excellent ideas of LaRouche (especially that of an urgent need to re-implement Glass Steagal)to the attention of the Ron Paul movement. LaRouche’s broad support would be a huge plus for Ron Paul, or vice-versa.

    GettyUp, High Ho Silver, Away! Go Ron Paul, Go LaRouche!

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