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LaRouche Responds to Britain

from laroucheyouth:

Lyndon LaRouche issued the following remarks regarding the breaking developments coming out of Britain and their proposal that the United States join them in establishing a classical Glass-Steagall banking reorganization of the transatlantic financial system immediately.

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6 comments to LaRouche Responds to Britain

  • Frank Zak

    Immediately ??? Didn’t Rothschilds owned bank, the BIS,
    say there were 707 Trillion in derivatives now ?

    Silly me, I thought it was too late.

  • dishesdealer417

    Glass Steagall would be great, but it is not he holy grail of fixing our broken everything. Do they have any other ideas? Oh right, impeach Obama because Biden would be any better??

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Well that was really something.

    It has been a while since I have heard, in public at least, such blatant NWO references and solutions ‘dressed up’ as intellectual/academic/social solutions.

    At first I thought I was miss-interpreting, but once I heard talk of:

    thinking about future generations and not ourselves (ie the generational sacrifice which must be made for the greater good of the NWO programe),

    about how the ‘oligarchy’ think (substitute the word oligarchy for Illuminati and you will see much more clearly),

    he also talks about how few on this planet understand (think pyramid structure of enlightenment or ‘illumination’ – the ignorant masses at the bottom, and the ‘intellegent’ and enlightened near the top. Find out yourself what goes on the top if you dont know, and it aint a giant eye as shown on the dollar bill),

    he goes on about introducing more regulation and central control for the greater good (the move towards global centralised power through tighter and tighter controls and regulations are key NWO concepts)

    He stresses that if more centralised power is not instituted immediately their will be chaos. Centralised power and restrictions can bring you order (Hmm, order out of chaos – where did I hear that before?),

    The ‘families’ are reaching out because they care about the future – I call BS. The families have directed history for centuries, have controlled the money supply, banks, and governments for centuries, they tightly control the old ‘blood lines’, etc.

    Honestly, I really cant be bothered to go.

    This is all BS. Like the families/oligarchies (the Roths, Coburgs, the Gothas, Windsors, etc, etc) will really reach out in order to ‘help’.

    I am going to call ‘Shill’ on this guy.

    He is a very clever Shill, I will give him that, but a NWO proponent he is.

    I call you out sir.

  • Glitter1

    I smell Rockafeller and Rothschild, remember the recent annoucement that the two were going to merge.

  • LaRouche is a stretch

    LaRouche is a SHILL for sure. The elite are on the verge of loosing control of America. They did not count on American’s ability to trust in the Constitution more than thier silly NWO “greater good” bull doo-doo info-war. The debt based money system is the PROBLEM YOU IDIOT. Not Glass-Steagall. Do not try to prolong your system. It’s over. Your greed lost.

    American’s are waking up you FOOLS. Sure, is this country doomed as it stands? I say yes. But we know how to rebuild it. It will not take us long. And your debt based system is not going to be in it. Freedom is the answer and you will pay for not being on the right side of humanity. You sir’s, are destined for eternity in HELL unless you change quickly. It will HAPPEN TOO. Not because I say so, but because higher power say’s so. It is the law of the universe. Just ask history. History unmolested does not lie. All tyrants die. You can not kill a man’s desire to be free. NEVER. We are born with it, yern for it, and once it is fully understood, DIE FOR IT.

    • GoodOleBoy

      Come on man, do a little research. LaRouche is no NWO, that I guarrentee. He is fully aware of the problems with debt based money and has his own solution to it. I’m not saying weather his ideas are good or bad, I have my opinions on that, but I am saying he is working for the benefit of America not its detriment. They are not saying Glass Steagal is the cure all, just that it is the first step in the right direction. His differs in thought from this community in advocating a national bank under control of the congress, which would be okay under the constitution. Now if you think that is a good idea or not, the bankers have went after anyone advocating that idea. LaRouche himself spent 4 years in prison for saying he didn’t know who payed his bills, the NWO really hate this man

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