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Jeff Berwick speaks with Marc Edgington

By Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Jeff Speaks to Marc Edginton of the Edgington post.

Topics discussed:
  • The Dollar Vigilante (
  • What an economic collapse may look like
  • Ways to protect yourselfGold and Silver
1. Gold and Silver
2. Get some money out of your own country
3. Self Directed IRAs (
4. Second Passports (
5. Look for opportunities in other countries

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2 comments to Jeff Berwick speaks with Marc Edgington

  • steelerdude

    What I dont understand about Marc, he starts off by saying that he think it wont be bad and there wont be people with chainsaws coming down your street, but midway through the video he does a 180 and talks about the confiscation of IRAs, the system is totally broken and cannot be fixed, the dollar is frankenstein walking, all govts
    are printing frantically…then he asks everyone to sell your dollars…to me, all these things add up to zombie apocalypse!

  • Tony

    Even if I could find a little nook in the world to hide, I would feel like I have abandoned my beloved Country in it’s time of need. My choice is stay in the zombie soup, take my lumps & dish out a few of my own.

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