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James Holmes Manchurian Candidate MKUltra EXPOSED!!!

from cgreene34 :

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7 comments to James Holmes Manchurian Candidate MKUltra EXPOSED!!!

  • duckvision

    This isn’t about this particular video, it’s about Christopher Greene. Greene is by far the biggest plagiarist on youtube. I wouldn’t trust a word out of the guys mouth. His sensationalistic style makes Alex Jones seem calm. Funny because Greene rips everything off from Jones and many others. He never ever links stories in which he got the information from and tells his audience that no one is talking about these topics. You had to hear his Kony2012 stuff. Straight from Jones. Greene is also the biggest hypocrite on youtube. He talks capitalism but wants you to donate your money to his private and personal business. Even Warren Pollack went after Greene on a video to expose his bullshit. There are major hacks on youtube and on the alternative media but Greene is on a whole other level. He has talked about Bank of America’s stock going to zero and literally the next day Buffet bought 5 billion in shares and the stock skyrocketed. This show he has absolutely zero information and just relies on stealing everyone’s hard work for his own personal agenda. If anyone is out there, please do not donate to this hack journalist. SGT, please do a little research on these guys like Greg Mannarino, Christopher Greene, and Fabian to some level. They all have the same problem which is total theft of others research and information. They just steal the information and use it for their personal agenda. People spend countless hours researching information and made careers about breaking stories to expose the fraud and corruption in the world. It cheapens the information when these hacks distort and plagiarize their hard work. Most of the time they do a piss pour job of explaining the information they stole and ruin the message. These guys are total hack pundits and they shouldn’t be linked to a great web site like this. Please re-consider linking their garbage. Also, SGT-we need a Jim Wille interview!!!

  • Tony

    I enjoyed the video ****

  • Choo Hader

    It’s really weird that this guy’s dad is set to testify against the banksters in the LIBORGATE scandal. He’s deep into computer financial fraud forensics stuff. The guy in court looks like Beaker from the Muppet Show and doesn’t even look like the other pictures the media shows.

    Since we love theorizing, what if this guys son was abducted and is currently hidden and this guy in court (Manchurian Candidate) is just a doped up lookalike patsy. They could be telling dad if he spills the beans the kid gets it. Maybe they already threatened him and he didn’t flinch.

    Just trying to keep it lively arond here. This is a good site for news but not much commentary. I’m not looking for zerohedge volume of commentary, but gosh…

  • metalmercenary

    I’m tired of people bashing guys like Greene, Fabian, Mannorino et al. They have their place. The more people spreading truthful info, even if second hand, the better. If you’re doing the work, dedicating your time and energy and resources to this fight, then criticize away. If you’re sitting in your man cave, soaking up all this good info, and spewing vitriol about the second string. How bout this, shut up! It’s petty and it rings hollow. Thank you SGT for adding the aforementioned lineup from time to time.

    • duckvision

      Metalmercenary-I’m sorry if your cranium capacity is the size of a ant. You missed the point and your lack of intelligence shows. It’s about standards of journalism. These hacks take others work. It’s call theft. That is why we have copy right laws. These hacks have literally stole others opinions, research, and information and re-labeled it as theirs. They never link the information in which they found it. Mannarino literally stole Mike Maloney’s research and wrote a book on it. I’m sure you never read Maloney’s book because you would have to have the ability to read and comprehend words. Something you are lacking. Go ahead and listen to this hacks. Ignore the real economist, historians, and research analysis that spend countless hours breaking down the real information. Guys like Kyle Bass, Reggie Middleton, Jim Grant, Jim Willie, Rob Kirby and the list goes on and on. These people control billions of dollars in hedge funds and wrote well respected news letters. Instead people listen to hacks like Christopher Greene,Mannarino, and Fabian who plagiarizes these people’s work and distorts the information. If you are that ignorant be my guest.

  • RedOak

    Those who cannot intelligently defend themselves resort to insulting others.

  • metalmercenary

    Hey visionless . . . is that all you’ve got man? Ad hominem blathering betrays your weakness.

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