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Italian Euro Exit: why it might come in 2-3 years and why it will help the Eurozone and Italy

by George Dorgan, Testosterone

Silvio Berlusconi is finally back and candidate of his “Polo della libertà” (PDL) for the 2013 elections. Prime Minister Monti, who was not elected by the people but by the financial establishment, is supposed to govern only till Spring 2013 and might even step down earlier. In a June poll, the anti-euro movement “5 stelle” (5 star) would obtain 20.6% in elections, Berlusconi’s PDL 17.3%. The pro-Euro left-wing party Partito Democratic (PD) would get 25.7%. (Other voters undecided). This would result in an anti-euro majority, given that Berlusconi’s PDL is tempted by an Italian euro exit.

Italy is effectively the country which is most opposed to the euro (source).

More details in the guest post by Mike “Mish” Shedlock.

We wonder why as opposed to Greece or Spain, an anti-euro majority can occur in one of the peripheral states, when the risks of a euro exit seem to be overwhelming. This research resulted in a long list of reasons why an Italian euro exit might come in the next 2 or 3 years:

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