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How Saving is the New Investing

from Silver Vigilante:

I mentioned in my article yesterday that saving is the new investing. A glance at five year graphs across the board pretty much demonstrate this point. Other than day traders, there’s not much long-term appreciation. And, even for day traders, the increasingly volatile conditions on the markets are making price movements increasingly difficult to predict. Below is the 5-year chart for the S&P 500. At the onset of 2007, at 1450.00, it stood on the edge of a precipitous price drop below 700.00 in 2008-2009. Today, nearly four years later, the S&P 500 hangs 100 points off its high.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average comprises the same storyline. In 2007, at 12,700.00, it stood on the precipice of a fall down to below 7,000.00 in 2008-09. Over the following years, until now, it clawed its way back to about even with its beginning of 2007 price.

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2 comments to How Saving is the New Investing

  • dishesdealer417

    Unless you are saving in a form that will survive the real 10-11% inflation per year (shadowstats) then saving is the new stupid.

    I guess you could say I save but only in real commodities like storable food and real money silver/copper.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Its all about wealth preservation now. Pensions and paper investments are now as good as dead for many in the west.

    Bank accounts are now a real risk – no real return on your money and the increasing risk of no return of your money at all.

    If I still had any wealth I would save how the elite (and the ancient families heading the elite) save – land, Gold, and Silver.

    Did the Kings and Queens of old (and the ‘families’ decended from them) save pieces of paper over the centuries to preserve their wealth? Of course not. They hold land and property, plus enough Gold and Silver to take out unlimited paper ‘loans’ against these real assets (which they always retain). They simply use paper to raise armies of minions and to ‘buy’ leaders/governments (and therefore real armies), natural resources (especially big oil), and other forms of ‘real wealth’.

    Little people such as me would do well to buy at least some physical Gold and Silver with which to transfer our wealth through this engineered collapse. Property I would give a miss, unless you have so much Gold and Silver you can take loans against it for fiat to spend raising an army of your own to protect your property – or better ‘buy’ enough government officials to ensure your property is not ‘confiscated’.

    These days people should consider taking their wealth with them and migrating should the SHTF. Eventually you will be able to move back, but staying put and expecting to get through a s–t storm just because some food food and guns have been put aside could be asking for trouble. Think Europe 1930’s and 1940’s, Yugoslavia 1990’s, USSR 1980’s and 1990’s. Many very well armed, tough, and equipped people did not make it through Bosnia.

    The s–t did not go on forever in any of the above, but life was much better for those who got the hell out whilst they could. Many moved back a few years later after the storm passed.

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