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How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

[Ed. Note: If EVERY American ACTED like a REAL AMERICAN sovereign citizen, like THIS GUY DOES – this police state nightmare would crumble overnight.]

from sanderson1611:

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27 comments to How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

  • fiatslave

    It would have been more interesting if the guy didn’t look white, and maybe speaking with an accent.

    But I have to thank him and Sean for posting this video. I didn’t know that the checkpoints are that bad.

  • sandra

    Agreed, looked further in this guy’s youtube channel – turns out he’s a baptist pastor. Not only that he was tasered and beaten in 2009 in a checkpoint. The fact that he remains strong and unhindered in defense of the constitution is inspiring. Perfect example of how we all should be. Two Thumbs up! Link to the video below (please watch)

    • Scott Sando

      I love this guy, he’s calm but assertive which is the way to handle police officers when they are trying to take you rights. But why did he get beaten one time at a check point, My guess is he followed a order like going to secondary when they tell you too, you’ve got to refuse everything they ask you to do or they gain consent to use the statute on you.
      This guy reminds me of another hero of mine CheckpointUSA

      • Scott Sando

        One more thing, the fun starts at 2.14 in the video above.

        • Scott Sando

          If you are going to follow the lead of the pastor and checkpointUSA it is vital that when questioned that you do not answer their question, that insted you answer their questions with a question of your own, otherwise they will gain consent to use the statute on you, if you remember anything remember this.

          Master asks the question, the slave answers them.

          • Mr Numbertaker

            Yes – well said. Few people realise this.

            Also never fall for the old ‘do you understand’ statement/question.

            Another point is always, always, stay calm. Do not ever give a cop reason to ‘suspect’ anything as a result of aggressive behavior/verbal communication. Its all easy for me to say on screen, but very hard to do when under pressure. I was once told that the term ‘I respectfully decline’ was a good one to use and have used it once or twice, but not sure if it is legally sound or not.

            Anyway, Great video, and great example to us all.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Every citizen needs to do demand their rights to the pursuit of life, LIBERTY, and happiness.
    Well done. If they detain you, sue the Nazi bastards.

  • Julie

    I’m really curious where this all took place – what state was this in?

    • stacker

      anywhere along the U.S./Mexico border. either going away from or traveling parallel to the border you will have to go through at least one possibly more depending on route.

      Usually it consist of them asking are you a citizen, you saying yes and driving on. It is wrong and not the way to secure your borders though.

    • Tim

      Probably Arizona. I believe that is Pastor Steve Anderson in the video. I think he did the right thing at these checkpoints, but the guy is otherwise a lunatic. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

  • Uncviper23

    That dreaded day is almost here. Let’s all act smartly and like we have a pair. Our hand will be forced at some point.

  • Praxis

    I don’t have to drive but twice a month. It’s great. I spend $200 every quarter on fuel. I realize most business is JIT but the managerial logistics needn’t be more than daily updates, conference back patting or weekly / biweekly physical beratings of incompetent slags. I feel deeply for corporate higherups who have no grasp of anything. They’re swamped in a morass of lunacy in all the twisted of ways whith do nothing but hurt their health.

    Thank god I can tell HR to “F*CK themselves” or good luck getting the job done. Rare indeed.

    Oddly enough, education will never become useless. Private or public.. So I guess I’m well positioned there ๐Ÿ˜› Depends on how I spin it with courage outside the comfort zone I still seem unable to fulfill.

  • Lisa

    Ah,the differece between someone who knows his rights are God given and someone who thinks they are government given ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott Sando

    Quote’s & Maxims in Law:

    “Let he who will be deceived.. be deceived”

    “He who does not claim his rights..has no rights”

  • Richard

    Hellz Yeah! That guy gave us the blueprint to combat these scumbag, illegal TSA checkpoints! Know your rights and fight off these demonic minions!

  • Scott Sando

    There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for
    1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
    2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc. etc.)
    3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

  • joe

    Do the police show their papers once they go off duty and into civilian clothes?

  • Casper

    I like this version..smooth checkpoint avoidance:

    • steelerdude


    • Mr Numbertaker

      Nice clip Casper.

      A good example of taking the initiative and maintaing control – aka managing the master/servant relationship.

      This stuff takes practice and confidence, especially against an authority figure with an ego and who wont back off as easy as the border guard did in the clip.

  • Tony

    โ€œThe more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.โ€ โ€“ Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome

  • Mike F.

    Haahahah, dumb pigs just thing we will bend over at their commands!!!

  • davepa

    I commend this young man for standing up confidently for his liberty, and against the tyranny upon all of us. A shining example here. Thankx for sharing!

  • HS

    Nice job and good example !!!!

  • mong00se

    This is so capital. I’ve watched this like 6 times already. The stunned reaction on the officers is priceless especially the grunt HAHAHA! “I don’t have time to show my papers at your nazi checkpoint today”. I love it.

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