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Hillary Clinton! You Are NOT Welcome In Egypt! GET OUT!

from MOXNEWSd0tC0M:

“Democracy is hard. We have been at this for more than 236 years…” – Hillary Clinton

[Ed. Note: Someone may want to remind Ms. Clinton that as much as she might like it to be, the United Sates is not a “Democracy”, it is (or at least it was at one point) a Republic.]

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7 comments to Hillary Clinton! You Are NOT Welcome In Egypt! GET OUT!

  • Tony

    Can you blame them?

    GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 foresaw a society in which citizens would have little recourse against government power.

    In Orwell’s vision domestic surveillance would be the norm and civil liberties would be nonexistent.

    It is now obvious that Zionists will be our “Big Brothers” who will be “Watching Us.” Already set in place is the all pervasive US Department of Homeland Security which is run by Zionist Jews Michael Chertoff & Senator Joseph Lieberman. Also set in place is the training of Police Departments throughout the US by the insidious Zionist Anti Defamation League (ADL) Here & Here.

    The Zionist engineered War on Terror is the chosen pretext for the erecting of a high tech surveillance society relentlessly pursued by US Homeland Security. In other words: “Big Brother Jew Will Be Watching You.”

  • truther

    what hillary got to do with egyptian coptic church or should i say what a Zionist care about any human…

  • Kurt

    Hillary is a very evil person..!

  • Silver Zionist

    More add more I believe that Americans, and muslims are devils.

    I truly wish that Israel turn it back on the USA as it becomes an Islamic country.

    I just bought 50 silver .999 1 ounce rounds. Adding to my big collection. So I do not give a monkey’s behind what happens to the USA nor the EU.

    FYI – USS Liberty? NO APOLOGIES. The Med is not your swimming pool. Negotiate with the muslim filth that are running he middle east jungle to park your ships.

    USS Cole anyone?.

    • SGT

      Silver Zionist, I almost tossed this comment of yours into the spam folder. What exactly do you mean by writing “USS Liberty? NO APOLOGIES”?

      Please clarify so that we understand, are you attempting to use satire or are you truly this heartless as it relates to the innocent American souls who were slaughtered that day BY Israeli fighter jets?

  • Chris

    The only truth in what she says is that she has been here 236 years… reptilian bitch!

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