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Harry Reid Appears to be a Traitor – Vows ‘Audit the FED’ Bill Will Never be Voted on in the Senate. But YOU Can Do Something:

by Angel Clark & Anon Patriot, Freedoms Phoenix :

Supporters of Rep. Ron Paul and sound monetary policy rejoiced online as they heard of the passage of H.R. 456, the Federal Transparency Act, on Wednesday. Their joy, however, was short-lived as within an hour of the bill passing word spread from the office of the Harry Reid. The Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Democrat has vowed the Federal Transparency Act will not be put to a vote in the Senate.

Harry Reid had previously expressed support for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Perhaps seeing the overwhelming support the H.R. 459 received in the House of Representatives made Reid wary of the Federal Transparency Act passing. H.R. 459 passed by a bipartisan vote of 327-98. But Harry Reid doesn’t care what the people want – HE wants to kill it.


CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459′s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

“I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? I noticed, that in 1995, you spoke openly FOR an AUDIT OF THE ‘FED’ – of course, the need for such an audit has not changed since then – why has your stance (on this issue) changed?


(Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish – Anon Patriot)

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1 comment to Harry Reid Appears to be a Traitor – Vows ‘Audit the FED’ Bill Will Never be Voted on in the Senate. But YOU Can Do Something:

  • Jerry Freeman

    Reid must think he is a KING. Government by the people, for the people, appears to be disappearing. Why on earth did the Nevada citizens reelect this man in 2010?

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