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Guest Post: Patented Fraud

by V. Trotter, Chink in the Armor:

In order to understand the world of structured finance, you have to come to a new way of thinking. You have to learn to look at the world from a banker’s perspective and not through an average consumer’s perspective.

In the world of structured finance, one is dealing with cash flows on a global scale. A good article on this point of view is revealed in a recently publicized report called “Trade-Off: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse

To more fully understand the systems one is dealing with when looking at the global economy from this perspective, you realize that the amount of information required to engineer finance at this level is staggering. There needs to be a way to handle the information flow. In order to handle it, integrated computerized systems have been developed to crunch the numbers required.

This is what the Information Technology boom of the 1990’s was all about. In 1998, the US Court of Appeals issued its State Street ruling (149 F.3d 1368). For the first time in history, business processes, heretofore adjudged trade secrets, became patentable.

Now, fifteen years later, the whole banking and money processes supporting the enunciated relationships in the “Trade-Off” article above are patented. Not in a single patent, but in a series of interconnecting patents.

These inter-related patents and their attendant Trade Marks and Service Marks map out a virtual world of relationships and sideways associations. This map of the entire real world is mimicked inside of a computer and is manipulated. It is “Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon” writ large. AI, Artificial Intelligence or, more aptly, expert reasoning software (ERS) is integrated into it as well giving the machine a large measure of control over what happens on an economic daily basis worldwide.

This computer and information technology system is the only way to handle the information flows required to manage a global economy. All of these patents, trademarks and service marks are listed in the US Patent and Trademark Office. No single patent is, by itself, nefarious but when you start interconnecting a few you catch a whiff of the potential for nefarious activities. Interlink a few more, and you see indications this interlocking technology can be bent to the will of men, and we all know that the will of men, especially high level men of banking, is totally and utterly corrupted, if not outright evil.

When you start to see how interconnected the patented systems of automation work, and when you realize the voracious hunger for virtual money this virtual world had for these Mortgage Backed Securities and their derivatives, you realize Wall Street and the Mortgage Banking Industry released a hungry machine upon the United States and the world. Everything from origination to securitization to inter-member trading, to foreclosure, and the collection of deficiency judgments is highly automated and seamlessly interlinked. And this is just the part dealing with your home mortgage.

It seems, this “Shadow Banking System”, this virtual world imagined in this old IBM commercial has learned how to make real money. Not only that, a strong argument can be made that it has been waging economic warfare upon the real world for many years now. Your very lives have become poker chips for the global banker casino.

Ken Dost, a mechanical engineer with 25 years in architecture and clean room engineering, had his formally successful American life was destroyed by bank shenanigans. He has spent the last five years picking apart this interconnected world of structured finance. It is his research into the patented software and their attendant trademarks and service marks which reveals the malice of forethought of the banking elite. The take down of America was planned and patented. If you want to know what really happened, follow the map in his head.

Over the next few weeks, we shall be revealing to you samples of this map, connecting some dots and showing you how your life is being manipulated by a computer as well as showing you how these patented business processes can be manipulated to the evil intent of evil men.

Hold on to your hat. It should be a fun ride.

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