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Google Sadly Joins The Anti-Gun Brigade

by Frank Miniter, Forbes:

Google is censuring information on guns and other products from Google Shopping. Sure, we know they once gave in to the Chinese government, but why are they censoring products used for self-protection by America’s gun owners?

Google announced this new policy on May 31. Now firearms manufacturers and others are pointing out Google’s hypocrisy. Meanwhile, the media has mostly ignored the story.

Ironically, Google’s own policy for “Freedom of Expression” says, “We’ve pressed governments to make combating Internet censorship a top priority in human rights and economic agendas.” And they say, “We regularly assist research efforts like the Open Net Initiative, the premier monitor of global trends on Internet censorship, by providing funds for their work.”

Maybe so, but they don’t think the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is acceptable in the U.S.

Specifically, they’ve banned results related to firearms and other products that they don’t deem to be “family safe.” Until recently, gun-related products appeared with other products in search results on the shopping section. Many of America’s 80 million gun owners have used Google as a powerful price-comparison tool. Not anymore.

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9 comments to Google Sadly Joins The Anti-Gun Brigade

  • C.I.

    I have had no problems Google search Australia?

  • Travis

    Thats because there are strict gun controls in Australia. You can’t buy AK47 kits or ammunition off the internet. There is no need to censor something if the government has banned it anyway.

  • C.I.

    Not that strict. Um,maybe you did not read my comment?

    I can still use google for any question as what the topic mentioned ?

    “censuring information on guns and other products”

    Where are you coming from Mate?


  • C.I.

    “There is no need to censor something if the government has banned it anyway.”

    is an interesting comment.

    Please expand on that one?


    • dishesdealer417

      I was under the impression that Australia had largely been disarmed by it’s government already. If you can’t buy certain or most kind of guns and ammo anyway then what does it matter if you guys get censored on the topic.

      Anyway, you missed the point. Google SHOPPING has been censored not google in general.

    • Travis

      Well first of all google is pretty smart and it can use your IP address to determine where you are and what advertising you recieve. I use various proxy tools so that my IP address is changed, so I can get different ads depending on IP.
      When you type in, it will default to your country location e.g. for France of for Aus.

      Google Shopping will not have gun ads; you can still google guns and find stores or guns for sale. There are mixed results with some people have said there are no results

      The comment “There is no need to censor something if the government has banned it anyway.” I probably typed before thinking it out more but I guess what I meant was – there are many western countries that are becoming more fascist. As companies and government come closer together the lines become blurred on who is doing the censoring/ control. Case in point, Twitter is not censoring you, the government is. Or take China for example, while they do censor what people see, people also self sensor as they don’t want to get in trouble. Since certain things are banned most people won’t do it (if the punishment is severe enough).
      I hope that made sense…

  • dishesdealer417

    There are some who claim that google and facebook were both started with CIA money to get data on people for the coming police state. Anyway, I am boycotting google and I have never used facebook or twitter, nor will I ever use them. I still use youtube, owned by google but it has too much good alternative (actually truthful) news and I can’t even stomach watching the mainstream corporate media lie anymore without wanting to puke.

  • defcon1

    google aint all that- np, i am sure there are plenty of other search engines who would greatly appreciate my patronage.

  • misterkel

    who cares? If you want a gun, you don’t need google to find it.

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