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Forget Bankster Mass Arrests – Bounty Hunters Snatch Raw Milk Seller, James Stewart!

from TheAlexJonesChannel :

James Stewart, the 65-year-old raw “milk man” and founder of Rawesome Foods, was assaulted near his home today by three armed men driving unmarked luxury vehicles with no license plates. Carrying firearms on their hips and dressed in gangster-style street clothes, Satanic T-shirt imagery and tattoos, they claimed to be making an “arrest” and verbally assaulted James, forcing his head against a car and screaming, according to witnesses, “You better listen to me or you’re gonna have a bad f*ckin’ day!”

James Stewart’s cell phone was on the entire time, and a phone witness told NaturalNews the arrest was conducted “Nazi style.” Meanwhile, James was screaming to anyone who would listen, “HELP ME! HELP ME! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”…

Bounty hunters drive cars with no plates, carry weapons, intimidate witnesses

In the arrest video, James clearly says, “Sir I was trying to give you the information that I thought Mr. McAfee was giving to me.” James is referring to Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures, California’s largest organic milk producer. NaturalNews has confirmed that Mark McAfee, among several other people, had helped fund James Stewart’s bail bond.

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10 comments to Forget Bankster Mass Arrests – Bounty Hunters Snatch Raw Milk Seller, James Stewart!

  • Sonaj

    Why were these so called ‘bounty hunters’ accepted by onlookers as valid? They appear like any semi organized gang hustling an individual. Was it because they seem to have training in their approach…some manners?
    They refused to identify themselves. Why didn’t anyone there treat them like common criminals and attempt to arrest or stop them? Had I been there with a carry permit or been close by in a house or business and had a defensive weapon I would have approached them to identify themselves or immediately leave…

    We have got to start responding to these situations with less assumption and more protection of each others rights.

  • BILL

    And they want to take our guns away,why so they can bully us? Should local malitias start getting involved in controling this outrageous behavior also citizens need a sort of amber alert to stop this BS!!!1

  • Tony

    Makes me wonder if breast feeding is legal?

    • RedOak

      Good question to ponder.

    • Hman

      WTF, this is lala land.

    • Glitter1

      My daughter has been picking up, for over two years, donated Breast Milk from donors belonging to a network of other Mother’s with excess lactation and donate to any who wish to take advantage, cost free.This a well established network and practice. My daughter sends the 5oz Breast Milk Bags to the donors, they fill/freeze them. Then she travels to pick them up. I’ve even made milk-runs for her myself.

  • SilverFox

    This was not an arrest, it was an abduction!

  • hoser

    These aren’t cops. He was assaulted and has every right to defend himself. Thank God for CCP’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hoser

    Two to the chest, One to the head and the other guy would have had a “Bad Fucking Day!”

  • RedOak

    Horizontal compliance. Bounty hunters being part of tyranny. Those who cannot intelligently defend themselves call others “retard” (bounty hunter to guy behind camera).

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