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First Nationwide, now NatWest suffers second systems glitch

[Ed. Note: When is a bank holiday not a bank holiday? When it is called a “glitch”. When your bank has a “glitch” like the ones that are currently happening all over the globe, go inside the bank and demand YOUR money — and tell us what happens.]

by Richard Evans, The Telegraph:

NatWest has become the second financial institution to report technical problems with its systems today after up to 2m Nationwide transactions were duplicated.

NatWest said on its Twitter feed: “Some customers may have issues with their online banking and using their debit cards at the moment. Working as hard as we can to resolve. We’ll post updates as soon as we have more information.”

Cash machine withdrawals using debit cards are also affected, the bank added.

Earlier in the summer the bank suffered a major systems collapse when millions of customers were unable to check their balances, withdraw cash or make payments. NatWest promised that no customers would be left out of pocket as a result of the technology problems.

Today customers of Nationwide, the country’s biggest building society, said around 704,000 customers were affected by an apparent technical problem with the mutual’s payment systems.

The building society confirmed that there was an “issue” with debits from accounts. It said on Twitter: “An issue with debit card transactions is affecting some customers. Sorry, accounts will be corrected.”

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1 comment to First Nationwide, now NatWest suffers second systems glitch

  • GoodOleBoy

    What happens? I was told I might need to move to a a larger bank like BOA who could handle large withdrawals. I explained to them how that is not possible since they are the spawn of Satan and now I have to order MY money a week ahead of time. It should be noted money comes in on order straight from the Fed. If we really wanted to protest, everyone would pull their money out of banks all together and see how long the system holds. Of course, that’s not convienant.

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