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Feedback Friday

by Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante:

Welcome to another edition of Feedback Friday! If you are like me you just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games in London. Of course, our American friends, who live in the land of the free, couldn’t watch it live due to the fascist media monopoly and federal government rules making it so they have no options for what they want to see and when and instead have to watch it when NBC says they can make the most money… later tonight. In this case, though, you may have been lucky if you missed it… that was the strangest, darkest most satanic opening ceremonies I’ve ever seen. The entire stadium is encircled with the illuminati pyramid with the all seeing eye symbol and most of the ceremonies included fire, zombies, ghouls and the grim reaper. It looked and felt like an occult funeral and the Queen sat onlooking with the coldest, darkest eyes I’ve ever seen that old criminal ever have. I’m not sure what all this imagery is supposed to tell us but it looks like the powers that be are in a nasty mood this year. I just kept wondering when the false flag dirty bomb would be set off. I’m very happy to be far away from London this summer.

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