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External nuclear defence too costly for US

by Russia Today:

US missile defense in Europe is a legacy of the Cold War with dubious feasibility, acknowledges John Feffer of Foreign Policy in Focus think tank. The ABM shield is an unnecessary provocation for Russia, and one with an impracticable price tag.

¬≠Since neither the US nor Europe appear to be capable of financing the ABM project, America might be better off seeking a diplomatic solution for Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. The co-director of the American think tank also believes that it is high time for NATO to find some kind of legitimacy 20 years after the end of the Cold War.

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1 comment to External nuclear defence too costly for US

  • Ed_B

    “The ABM shield is an unnecessary provocation for Russia…”

    Having a way of protecting yourself via a defensive-only weapon system is not a provocation, unless Russia is planning to attack Europe or the US. If they are not planning an attack, then they can sit back and chuckle at how much money would be wasted on something that will never be needed or used. Of all nations, surely the Russians remember what happens when a country spends itself into oblivion.

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