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EXCLUSIVE – Bill Murphy’s London Source: “BIG, BIG Gold & Silver Moves Are Coming in August”

Hey gang, this is a breaking report with GATA’s Bill Murphy: Bill’s source in London, one of the wealthiest men in Europe, is telling him that JP Morgan is having a hard time extricating themselves from their silver short position. The source also claims that big, big gold and silver moves are coming this August.

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55 comments to EXCLUSIVE – Bill Murphy’s London Source: “BIG, BIG Gold & Silver Moves Are Coming in August”

  • Frank Zak

    Absolutely remarkable documentary of the religion of
    our founding fathers. MUST SEE !!!!

  • Glitter1

    Perhaps the is a leak of forthcoming events by another World Elite, RE: Lindsey Williams, the Elite always leak out information of their plan(s)prior to them happening.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Thanks Sean for going straight to the source and delivering a short, to the point update with out having to comb the articles or listen to someone blabber on for 45 minutes to get a point across. Also thanks to Bill Murphy for sharing this information, he is the Godfather of investigation into the manipulation of gold and silver (well, silver might be Butler but Bill is up there). I like to think that thanks to this site and others like it, we are the most informed audience in the whole of the United States on issues related to finance and criminal actions taken by our leaders.

    • SGT

      Thanks very much G.O.B., I’d have stopped doing this a long time ago if there was no audience to receive and share the info, it’s very gratifying that you guys care enough to be hare.

  • Nathan

    Well Sean, you said you’d check with Bill Murphy to see if the news was all on the up and up, and you weren’t kidding. Having an interview up within hours is evidence of why you were born to be a journalist. 😉

    Thanks for the intel, I’m spreading this to my SLA list, as Embry would say, we’re beating the drums of war, it’s time to bury these bastards once and for all.

  • Dan

    While I like Bill Murphy, it seems we have been hearing this for a year now. Last late summer and early fall was supposed to break out and it never did. Wndless predictions and hype for months. I know it will eventually, but I am just worn out by all the predictions and will believe it when I see it.

    Thanks for the interview and I hope Mr. Murphy and his source are right.

    • SGT

      I hear ya, we’ll see. i wanted to interview him about the JP Morgan issues and his claim that they stopped selling paper silver into the market last January through May/June. The claim of his London source was a surprise to me too. I am skeptical that gold and silver will do much before Nov/Dec/Jan. But who knows, lots of talk of a crash in Sept/Oct… and now this claim… we shall see.

  • ajw

    This time is different. The bankers are losing control. They are not even attempting to hide their fraud/manipulation, and the take downs are having less and less effect.

    The last Bernanke Silver take down only lasted 3 hours.

  • ajw

    And not to mention JPM is about to blow up. Over 100% of their net income came from phony balance sheet adjustments. They should have had a loss.

  • robert

    Thanks Sean for getting that update so fast from Bill. Anyone invested in Gold or Silver needs to read the daily updates on the Also great articles by Mark Lundeen that are invaluable.

    • SGT

      Hey robert, Bill’s a good guy. He takes a lot of shots from shills who say he’s “always wrong”, yet he’s been in gold and silver for ten years – and called JP Morgan out for paper manipulation of the market YEARS before it became a popular meme (& provably true). Go figure. No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

  • Space Cadet

    I sure hope that Bill is right, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the CFTC to do the right thing. They have had plenty of time to do that, so if they do anything it will be just another white wash.

    We have to look elsewhere for the trigger. Signs of trouble at JPM may just be it. Maybe the “Crash JPM, Buy Silver” campaign is finally taking its toll. Here’s hoping.

  • Hman

    Sean, you never fail to amuse me to the level of commitment you have for your work in good times and bad times.

    In my books, you are THE #1 selfless Knight Warrior for the truth on the net.

    Good bless you ..

    • SGT

      Thanks Hman, I report you decide. I always take heat from the trolls for some of these interviews, but I believe in talking to & listening to a variety of people about these issues. And some of these folks have sources they need to protect in order to get “inside” info at all, and I can respect that. But since we cannot verify these claims, we can take em with a grain of salt.

      • Hman

        Some Trolls make me smile, because they cannot see whats right in front of their eyes and you cannot change that no matter how hard you try.

        Got to love em 🙂

  • Glitter1

    Just watched latest BrotherJohnF he looks at the current oil rebound/spike and feels Gold & Silver should start to follow it up. With what is happening in the MiddleEast, it wouldn’t take much more to drive oil towards that $150- $200price.This could be the beginning of the big move (RE:Lindsey Williams) and that will drive PM’s.Seems like allot of events are converging and very soon.I think the big boys know something big is brewing and all of it points to up!

  • MRH

    Awesome work Sean! Just call you “Johnny on the spot”. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Murphy and you in regards to this whole thing blowing sky-high. The latest exposed criminality by HSBC–on the Achilles heel of the Lie-bor scandal–has to be shaking the foundation of even the most skeptical person. No time to deal with conspiracy theories when there are so many conspiracy facts to contend with. Keep up the great work and we will all continue to support your efforts.

  • Hannon

    This may sound a bit off but I’m hoping the cartel can keep the prices driven down longer, much longer. Most of my major purchases have been made but as more and more people become aware I would like to see as many of them as possible have a chance to stack up. Let’s not forget that PMs aren’t the only commodity that’s rigged lower to make their fake money look good, so there is a good chance a lot of other things will pop with gold and silver, things that people need like food and energy. So be ready for it but be careful what you wish for, as much as I want to see J P Morgan get burned, it may not look so glamorous as you watch your neighbors become destitute.

    Also let’s not forget that this whole system is engineered by people who have the keys to the vaults back doors, so when we feel vindicated with silver that has a zero behind it and five digit gold remember that our enemy has much more of the shinny metal than us and they are much more prepared for the crash of the paper or they wouldn’t crash it. Once the PMs pop our fight will have just begun.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    If the National Security card is played by the federal government in relation to the investigation into alleged silver manipulation, of course this will be a GIANT RED FLAG to people with any sense.

  • davepa


  • Steve_D

    Sean, The Denver Shooting, massive false flag by the Obama admin to push through the UN anti gun agenda?

  • Mr T

    Well we also have to take it from wence it comes. It’s all really about blah blah always, no substance. Better get some other background on Bill Murphy.

    Nothing changes in this narrative – for how long does one believe this rubbish?

    • SGT

      MR. T, would you like a refund?

    • Mouse

      Good article you linked, Mr T. The gold bull market has an interesting effect: it gives credibility to anybody who is talking on the long side, no matter what he is talking or whether it is about facts and truth.

    • Mark

      Mr. t.
      I came across the GATA website back in 2003. Bill’s comments along with some other sites led me to invest almost all of my money into gold and silver. Ya, I am really “Bummed” that I bought gold in the $400’s and silver below $7.00.
      How is your GE stock or for that matter your S&P index fund doing? The prices speak for themselves, “Putz”!

  • hoser

    Tragic shooting in Auroa CO. Odd, it coincides with Hillary/Obama signing the UN Small Arms Treaty! This has False Flag written all over it…. Can’t wait to learn more about the shooter. I’m sure he’s a middle-class, white Cristian.

  • Silver Shield

    Before you all get excited, realize this leg up is the final leg up and will not ultimately end until the entire debt based empire is knocked to the floor.

    Please make sure you have taken all of the preparations to divide your stash and prepare for food and social disruptions.

    For the nimble there might be time to sell some silver to get last minute supplies.

    • Mike

      Even if oil goes to 200/barrel and silver goes to 60 it wont stay that way, you can count on cheap silver for at least another year or two..Iran will be crushed in a matter of days and the straights will be open in no time flat. China and Russia will do nothing given they will get their cut. Who knows maybe China is the ones calling the shots on Iran..Dont they fund U.S.? I have quite a bit of silver and believe in the fundamentals but at the same time still have both my eyes open.

  • Dick Fitzright

    Murphy has “great respect for Bart Chilton”?

    You’ve got to be f#&%ing kidding me…

    • Glitter1

      Yeah, Ex-Goldman Sacks employee!Don’t understand that one either. Just like Butler saying he has respect for Gary Gensler, both GS children, now who do you think they are looking out for?

  • Dan

    Kingworldnews interview with Bart Chilton (november 2011).

    They talks about position limits, exemptions, the definition of a ‘ swap ‘ etc.

    It’s a interesting listen and just might be related to what may be coming in August.

  • A047

    Better keep stacking while you can. Metals are going to the moon.

  • curly

    Thanks for the post…I’m somewhat skeptical like the rest, having heard it all before, etc. Despite all that I firmly believe we shall all be proven correct in the near future (next 2 years or less). GATA’s work is prescient and fantastic, as long as you steer clear of their recommendations of their advertisers, the miners.

  • Mouse

    I hope Bill Murphy and his London source are wrong, although in the past the London source was quite accurate. I am in metals, but I don’t want to have to go through doomsday when the system comes down.

    I’d rather see the metals go to zero than to the moon, taking the loss in exchange for peace. I hope the banksters manage at least a controlled ascent. Should gold or silver gap upwards, then you know they have lost control and the game is officially over.

  • Troy

    Craigslist is SLIM pickins for 90% silver. I did find a seller on thursday. I bought 107 dimes, and 1 quarter. Bought them for melt. I check craigslist twice daily for local sellers. A year or two ago I could find all I want…now I can’t find hardly any sellers. There are some people here and there selling 999 fine, but 90% is VERY slim pickins!


      90% is still a little tight depending on the week. We have $7,000 face value in our San Diego store and just under that in our Scottsdale AZ store. Give us a call if you need any this week.

      Nice job on the interview. Keep up the great work!

  • GoodOleBoy

    Funny, I was listening to Mad Money with that nut Kramer and a caller asked about gold and silver and what percentage of a portfolio you should invest. He recommended up to 20% gold and also said not to buy the real thing that the GLD was the best way to go. His comment on silver? He repeatedly called it junk and was very atamate. That was the best indicator I have seen an upward move. I also thought it was interesting he specifically said not to buy physical.

  • Lionel

    Sean, it is time for all of us to be unequivocal and to dissociate systematically “paper price” and “physical price” whenever we talk about silver or gold prices.
    We have to make the same effort as Mike Maloney, when he talk about “real money” and “paper currency” if we don’t want to be “mis-quoted” later on.
    The ETF trap is set-up and ready for the moment the sheeple will hit the panic button.
    I believe SLV and GLD price will eventually go to zero when re-hypothecation scandal will be mainstream (100 “same certificate” for the each bullion in the vault), but ETF’s prizes could rise in the first place, in order to appear as a “PM safe heaven”, we all know that.
    When paper PM will rises substantially and continuously, for me this will be the ultimate red alarm, it is too late for physical PM then, you better concentrate on survival goods to stock pile.

    “Physical price” can only be estimated studying many online sales on auction platforms like E-bay for a specific object (like a 1ozt walking liberty coin), it is a little bit imprecise and has some bias (no instantaneous price for instance!). Someone does this statistical work in France, but it can only be a local study (due to shipment, payment, import tax issues…).
    I don’t know if someone does the same work in the states? It is a little bit like “shadow stats website” philosophy, it is a labor of love, but it is the only way to really know with these unfair and untruthful markets.
    Here is the link to the French work for this week; you can use online tools to translate if needed:

    Kind regards,

  • Hermann

    Yes,cool,id have ten onekilo colordragoncoins buy from Australia, and one Monsterbox Silvereagles,grettings from Deutschland !

  • Josh

    Bill Murphy gets attacked for being a conspiracy nut, but he really doesn’t do himself any favors here. Essentially, in his own words, he states that “a fellow” he knows who is “one of the wealthier men in all of Europe” who has “got a lot of connections” who doesn’t “talk a lot about the actual market actions” (0:20 – 0:30) states that silver ran up in 2011 because “(JP) Morgan was forced to stop selling” but he “doesn’t know why” (0:44 – 0:48) and that part of the losses that JP Morgan recently suffered “has something to do with silver” (1:12 – 1:27) and they are having trouble extricating themselves out of their short position but “he doesn’t know exactly what that was” (1:28 – 1:40) and that this fellow has “known the people for years” and that “they saw something in writing on this” but he “couldn’t get into any further detail” but they “saw something in some kind of document that corroborates what he was saying” (1:51 – 2:09) but now the jig is up and we should expect “big big moves” that are coming in August (2:10 – 2:25).

    So if I got this right, Mr. Murphy’s European friend knows that he doesn’t quite know and that he has other friends that know that they saw something on some kind of document but they don’t quite know what they saw but it definitely confirms what this European rich man knows, which is that it’s something to do with silver…maybe. Honestly, it would have been better for Mr. Murphy’s reputation to just let his European friend disclose his own information, anonymously or not, rather than to be a PR spokesman for some mystery source, whose credentials and statements can never be quantified in any remote way, other than the (alleged) fact that he’s European and rich.

  • Glitter1

    Just some facts to keep in mind relative to the PM’s pricing past and present;when the price of gold & silver peaked in 1980 at $850 & $56oz the price was being driven by professional investors that still under stood the fundamentals of inflation(>10%) and PM’s as a protection hedge.Fast forward to today with gold@ $1580 & Silver@ $27 this is the equivelant of PM’s back in 1970’sprior to their ascend from an inflation POV.Adjusted for the true inflation rate increase since 1980 the true price of gold should be currently $3,500oz and Silver $175. The only reasons the current price of each do not reflect these prices are:the federal gov has improved on their skills to misrepresent,manipulate and LIE about the figures,the establishment of the PPT(Plunge Protection Team aka President’s Working Group on the Markets in 1987),the complete infiltration and consolidation of control of the Treasury,Congress,CFTC,SEC,by the Big Cartel Syndicate Banks (Goldman Sachs,JPMorgan,Citi.BOA,et al)and their ex-employees establishing/conducting the Criminal Manipulation of the Currency,Stock,Commodities,Derivitives Markets. Big Bank Sponsored repeal of Glass-Stiegall. None of this was present in 1980 so the PM’s ascended to their true inflation adjusted value.Today the true rate of inflation is ~10% and has to be masked/hidden against all Fiat Currency’s in order to maintain the illusion of a 2%inflation rate hence the suppression of gold and silver, the canary in the coal mine. We also have a whole new class of Professional Investors that are unfamiliar with the qualities of the PM’s, that’s why they don’t push them, but they will learn fast and get religion soon when the Fiat Currency Paradigm ends and Gold & Silver are unshackled and Rocket to Hieghts unimagined. Remember, keep the faith it’s always the darkest before the dawn.

  • Tony

    Please I have Jewish cousins like Bobby Fisher (US Chess Champion). Do I have to get into the whole Jesus money Changer shpeel? 90% of the Jews who occupy Palestine are not really Jews. They are of the synagogue of satan. I did not say that Christ did.

  • A

    gold is trending at #7 at

  • Troy

    My local antique dealer got cleaned out of silver today. A man came in and bought all his 999 fine bullion, 90% common, and even the few 90% key date stuff…just a few Morgans and 1800’s dimes and quarters. I asked the guy how much silver he has, and he said this was his first purchase, but heres the kicker…he told the Antique dealer and I that he and his family plans on buying around a half of a million dollars worth of silver as long as the price stays around $27. I told him to buy from Provident, or Gainsville…I actually told him to buy Moose, Cougars, and Eagles. Can you say MONSTER BOXES! Seems, he thinks silver is going to be going on another big run up in price. He could buy over 16,000 ounces with that much money! 32 or 33 monster boxes! WOW!

  • WOLF

    Gold and silver prices will be priced the way the government wants it to be priced. A big move up is the government letting it move up. People have been preaching moves for ever. The bottom line is the market is rigged and if it is not being rigged it is because the government is letting it not be rigged. Technicals mean nothing.

    • Brian

      Exactly! its all CONTROLLED….these date predictions (of anything) needs to stop,because when it doesn’t happen,it only discredits you!

  • Troy

    I was going to order 10 ounces on any dip in the $26’s this week. Maybe I should go all in with my cash I have saved. I have $4600 saved waiting for $25 or less silver, but I’m thinking of spending all of it on silver next $26 dip. I do already have a large stack of silver right now…but I want more….with silver, there is never enough! 😉

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