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Climate Change Propaganda Focuses on Future Carbon Taxpayers

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

From the wildfires in Colorado to the rising energy costs, the hoax of man-made climate change appears to be a valid global problem. Meteorologists are decrying 2012 will see the warmest spring in American history. They claim that an atmospheric high-pressure ridge has mounted over the heart of the US corn and soybean producing states. This prevents moisture and allows heat to steadily build causing record droughts and devastation to crops.

In response, the US government has lowered conditional ratings for these crops considerable and experts have lowered their production estimates.

In Saudi Arabia, authorities have reported that while temperatures were recorded at 109, rainfall in Mecca produced the hottest downpour in recorded history.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported last week that these drought conditions are comparable to the drought in December 1956.

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5 comments to Climate Change Propaganda Focuses on Future Carbon Taxpayers

  • reflector


    you have a lot of good articles on this site.

    but articles by know-nothing, anti-science, global warming denier and alarmist susanne posel are not among them.

    • Travis

      Reflector, one does not have to be a scientist to know that AGM is a scam. This is just the same as one not needing to be a banker to know that the modern banking system is a scam.
      If you do some research you will discover that the very people who have designed the Emission Trading Schemes (ETS) are none other than Goldman Sachs and former Enron CEO, Kenneth Lay. FOLLOW the money!!! Yes, corporations do harmful things to the Earth but it is government who has their hand in the pockets of the tax serfs. It is in THEIR interest to take more money from their “citizens”.
      Yes, posting an article about a fraud such as AGM is the perfect article for SGTReport.

    • SGT

      “Global warming denier”? You’re on the wrong web site my friend. I can assure you, paying them (including Al Gore and his cadre, and international banking families like the Rothschilds) ‘carbon tax’ money while they restrict energy access and strangle manufacturing even further in the west, won’t fix a damned thing. But it would get them closer to achieving their Agenda 21 goals.

  • Adrian

    Reflector, Travis, SGT, the guys behind all these big politics like Goldmans etc are WAYYYY smarter than you give them credit for. They are thinking on a level a whole world above most of us.

    Have you ever heard of the concept of supporting your ‘least dangerous’ opponent? This is what is going on here and in so many other instances, where governments make stupid policies, and big multinationals end up being at the bottom of it. They had their hand in the policy-making because this it is safer to hand-pick a ‘weak’ opponent who is no real threat, than to risk someone more dangerous getting the spotlight. So these companies back organisations who support climate change but have wholly unrealistic and impractical policies.

    In essence, they are COUNTING on intelligent people like yourselves realising that the carbon tax will do nothing, and dismissing it. In this way, they destroy the effectiveness of their opposition. This does NOT prove that there was no problem in the first place, just that the proposed solution is insufficient. There are FAR better solutions (like feed-in tarrifs in Germany), but they are consistently ignored – why? Because the big US corporations know they would work, so they employ their significant PR resources to make sure the shitty policies get heard instead.

    Don’t be a pawn of the big corps. They WANT to polarize people! This is not a black and white issue. It is complex and there are many possible solutions. Don’t buy into the false dechotomy.

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